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Comprehension (in Hindi)
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Comprehension Skill

Purnima singh
Assistant Professor of English in Vasant Kanya Mahavidylaya, Varanasi qualified NET KV PGT Navodaya TGT and PGT

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  1. Dr. Purnima Singh Assistant Professor Department of English Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya

  2. Comprehension The comprehension assignment is aimed at testing three important tasks: 1. To read the passage carefully and to understand the general theme. 2. To note or to infer the specific meaning or content of what you have read. 3. To demonstrate the above skills by expressing yourself accurately in response to questions based on the passage.

  3. Your Response is Assessed on: Quality of Content Style Sentence Structure Punctuation Grammar Effective Communication in Writing

  4. The Understanding in the Comprehension Exercise is Two-Sided You must understand the passage Other people must understand what you write. The comprehension question should be attempted with care and logical precision

  5. BASIC APPROACH First Reading: Read through the passage to get general idea of the passage. Read all the questions to get the general idea of what you have to answer. Close Reading: Read through the passage again concentrating on the specific content of each paragraph and trying to identify information which is directly relevant to the questions. Consider each question in turn and find an answer entirely based on the information given in the passage. It is very important to read the questions carefully. Wrong interpretation of question may give wrong results

  6. BASIC APPROACH Be to the point. Do not answer in a round about manner. Avoid giving inaccurate or irrelevant detail. Answer should be: complete grammatically correct accurate

  7. EXAMINATION TECHNIQUES Read the passage carefully Read the instructions carefully While answering do not begin with the question. Your answer should be clear Answer the questions in order Obey instructions Decide the size of answer according to the marks provided Do not exceed the word limitin case a word limit