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Cloze Test Introduction Part 1 (in Hindi)
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In my Cloze test course ,I have tried to cover all the important tips and tricks which will develop confidence in my aspirants .It will alsp prevent them from making errors.

Shambhavi Pandey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Shambhavi Pandey
B.TECH (CH), BTC, 5 yr+ Teaching Experience, Cleared UPTET 2018 (111/150) Credit(A+) in Advance English, German and Music from Banasthli Uni

Unacademy user
ma,am pleaz tell tha classes in englesh
ma,am pleaz tell tha classes in englesh
ma'am please AP 2018 2 k English ka paper ka synonym n antonynm n cloze test KR Diya jiya na ma'am please
Pooja Singh
9 months ago
ma'am please's my humble'am please
  1. About Me Shambhavi Pandey >B. Tech (CH) GA 4 years experience of teaching sMO Course- English for AGE UPSC CDS > Topic- Cloze test-1 Follow me at-

  2. What is Cloze Test? Composition of a "Cloze Test" There is a passage given Given passage has missing words You have to identify missing words from given options A cloze Test has defined structure, logical pattern and chronological order A cloze Test usually maintains a unified tone throughout

  3. Example [CDS-l 2018] One of India's greatest musicians is M.S. Subbulaxmi, affectionately known to most people as M.S. Her singing has brought- 1. (a) Sorrow (b) Joy (c) Boredom (d) Pain To millions of people not only 2. (a) Over (b) on (c) In 3. (a) Strange (b) Unknown (d) With all parts of India, but in_ (c) Other Countries around the world as well (d) Familiar

  4. Example Countries around the world as well 4. (a) Within (b) on (c) In (d) By October 1956 Subbulaxmi was invited to 5. (a)Dance (b)Sing (c)Speak (d)Enjoy in New York, where people of 6. (a)Many (b)Few (c)Backward (d)All foreign countries listened to her music

  5. Example foreign countries listened to her music 7. (a)Attentively (b)Quietly (c)Indifferently (d)Boldly This was one of the greatest 8. (a)Awards (b)Honours (c)Prizes (d)Recognitions ever given to any musician. For 9. (a)Seconds (b)Minutes (c)Hours (d)Days together M.S. kept the international 10. (a)Spectator (b)Audience (c) Viewer (d)Businessmen spell bound with the beauty of her voice and her style of singing.

  6. Why "Cloze Test" is asked in Exams? A 'Cloze Test' is asked to test- Your skills to comprehend Your grammatical knowledge Your vocabulary Your agility in connecting things Your analytical ability

  7. Why you need to study it? No of Questions 15 20 10 20 20 15 10 10 10 Percentage Examination CDS-1 2018 CDS-1I 2017 CDS-1 2017 CDS-Il 2016 CDS-1 2016 CDS-II 2015 CDS-1 2015 CDS-1I 2014 CDS-1 2014 12.5% 17% 17% 17% 12.5% 2% 8% 5%

  8. How to prepare for Cloze Test? Here is an efficacious strategy Watch this course and make notes Brush up English Grammar Make a habit of comprehensive reading Work on your vocabulary Practise Practise.... Practise

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