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Clipping (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, Vatsala has discussed Clipping.

Vatsala Shrivastava
Hey! I am unlike a common Indian teenager who is pursuing BE in IT, loves coding & have a lot of dreams.. Welcome to my retina of learning

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very good explanation mam.....
good explanation u can batter
good explanation tnku
  1. clipping - Edentity povtion of a picture tha- s nsfde the viwport and yemovng the postHon viewport- The viewport is users visible aTea that is out sfde the iewport. Line clipping- In uine dlipping we cut the portion of the ine which is outside of wiadow and keep only the portion that is inside the windous

  2. Polygon Clipping n polygon clipping we cute the sides of the polygon which is outside of windouw and ide the window. keep only the portfon /sides that is inside the windesu.

  3. #Une clipping Algorthm- o Cohen Sutherland Algorithm # Polygon o Sutherland - Hodgman olygon clipping Algorithm clipping AlgoY,thm-. o weiler- Atherton Polygon clipping Algorithm