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Climate of Haryana Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Detailed Analysis of Climate of Haryana Rainfall temprature all over the year and region wise

Adv Manoj Vats
Practising Advocate a judicial aspirant Want to share my learnings of law so that others can also benefits from that

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please complete your 12 ncert macroeconomics course after chapter 3.. please complete chapter- 4,5,6.. I am happy to say that it was a force to reckon with....brilliant course.... if you don't have time then at least mention when are u completing it or if u were not going to complete it..then its fine... but atleast inform us...pls reply...sir...
  1. limate of Haryana Haryana- Climate part i Presented by- Adv Manoj Vats...

  2. . Climate of Haryana The climate of the state is subtropical, semi-arid to sub- humid, continental and monsoon type The average rainfall of the state is 560 mm which varies from less than 300 mm in south-western parts to over 1000 mm in the hilly tracks of Shivalik hills.

  3. . The climate of Haryana is very hot in summer and cold in . The hottest months are May and June and the coldest being oRainfall is varied, with the Shivalik Hills region being the winters. December and January. wettest and the Aravali Hills region being the driest.

  4. About 80% of the rainfall occurs in the monsoon season during the months of July and September. Rainfall is varied with Shivalik Hills region being the wettest and the Aravali Hills region being the driest. .Haryana is very hot in summer and cold in winters.

  5. . The temperature falls to the lowest in January and reaches upto 50 Degree Centigrade during the months of May and June. o Winter months have average temperatures in the range 3 Degree Centigrade to 9 Degree Centigrade and the summer months temperatures are higher in the range of 48 Degree Centigrade to 35 Degree Centigrade The State has 3 main climate regions. Average annual rainfall and air temperature are given below:-

  6. REGION MEAN AVG.TEMPERA RAINFALL TURE (C) Hot arid Region Hot Semi Arid Region Hot Sub Humid Region 300-500 27 500-750 26 750-1050 24

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