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Classification of pteridophytes..
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Aprajita Shankhdhar
Loves teaching and tries to simplify teaching learning process as much as possible by my side NEET \ AIIMS \ CTET.

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equilrm point is always whre demnd crve and supply crve cut each orthr??
Abhinav Gupta
2 years ago
#dryopteris- beech fern/male shield fern/hay scented fern #adiantum- maden hair fern/waking fern
common name of pteropsida example: Dryopteris: wood fern or buckler fern Adiantum : venus Pteris : Chinese brake or ladder fern
The genus name of the maidenhair fern, Adiantum, is derived from the Greek word 'Adiantos' - meaning 'unwetted' - as the leaves of the fern repel water, while the species name is taken from the Latin words 'capillus' and 'veneris', meaning 'hair of Venus', giving this plant its alternative common name, the Venus ..
Prakash Patel
a year ago
thank's mam..😊
Anurag singh
a year ago
nice mam
Hansika Batra
7 months ago
maim 1adiantum -walking fern and maiden hair fern 2.ptrise-japniese fern and brake fern 3.nephrolepis- cottan candy
  1. Classification of pteridophytes By Aprajita shankhdhar

  2. . The pteridophytes are further classified into four classes: . Psilopsida (Psilotum) Lycopsida (Selaginella, Lycopodium) Sphenopsida (Equisetum) . Pteropsida (Dryopteris, Pteris, Adiantum)

  3. Psilophyta (whisk ferns . Most primitive land plants Body is very simple with green upright branches and an underground stem - rhizome. . Roots and true leaves are absent These plants grow in warmer parts of the world . Psilotunm

  4. Division ...Lycopodophyta . Club moss . Small and grow close to ground in forest . The cones are produced near the tips of branches The plants grow abundantly in mountainous part . Lycopodium, selaginella

  5. Division.. .Equisetophyta Strobilus Horse tails Hollow jointed, uprighted branches which grow up from underground Stem Leaves are not large and green Whorls of small scale leaves develops from node on branches. Produces sporophylls that are organised in cones The cone develop at the tips of some of the upright branches Equisetum Scale

  6. Division...Filicophyta (Ferns True ferns Ferns have underground stem which produce leaves above ground. . On lower surface of leaves small brown dots are seen. These are sori which are group of sporangia containing spores Adiantum , Pteris, Nephrolepis

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