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Classification of Idiomatic Expressions on the basis of Different Themes (in Hindi)
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Classification of Idioms on the basis of different themes and Idioms based on Description of People

Suyash Goyal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Suyash Goyal
Engineer by Profession || Teacher by heart for the last 6 years || In love with Mathematics and English || 92% in 12th || 94% in 10th || Pub

Unacademy user
sir ye video hindi me available h kya ??.mai mains hindi language se dene wali hu
very nice course, thanks sir. .
Suyash Goyal
8 months ago
You're most welcome Kajal Kumari 😀
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  2. Idioms by Themes

  3. People Descriptions of People (Nouns) About People (Adjectives) Conversations Emotions/ Feelings Success and Happiness Anger/ Being Upset Ill Health Time Money Job/Work

  4. People- Description of People APPLE OF ONE'S EYE a person or thing that is precious or Loved above all else Rahul is so attached to his daughter that he would do anything for her. She's the apple of his eye

  5. People- Description of People BIG SHOT an important, powerful, or influential person The company's big shots are getting free trips to uSA this year

  6. People - Description of People BIG FISHINASMALL POND a person who is considered importantprimarily because the place or setting is small Shivika was a big fish in a small pond in her hometown, but when she moved to New York city, nobody knew wheo she was.

  7. People- Description of People BIG WHEEL an important, powerful, or influential person All the big wheels get the use of company cars and parking spaces right next to the door of the building

  8. People- Description of People BIGWIG an important, powerful or influential person Feroz likes to think he's a bigwig but he really doesn't have nmuch power outside his own departnment.

  9. People - Description of People BLLE-BLOOD a person (or animal) that is an aristocrat or from a noble amil The uouna man's parents did not wanthim to marru the woman he had chosen because they considered themselves blue-bloods and thought their son was too good for her.

  10. People - Description of People BLILE-COLLAR WORKER a person who earns a living doing manual Labour, or generally uses his or her body rather thanhis or her mind to earna living sameerworks on an assembly line mass-producing clock radios. He's a blue-collarworker.

  11. People- Description of People CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK very much like one's parent (s) The young man likes to do the same things his father does. He's a chip off the old block.

  12. People- Description of People FISHOUT OF WATER a person who is uncomfortablein a s tuation or doesn't belong in a particular environment Jasmine felt out of place at the fancy dinner dance, like a fish out of water.