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Chemical Bonding : Course Overview
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This is the overview of the course chemical bonding.

Megha Khandelwal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Megha Khandelwal
Chemistry Educator, CSIR-UGC NET- AIR 25, YouTube Channel- Chemistry Enthusiasts, Passion for Teaching & Mentoring

Unacademy user
Ravi Rewar
a year ago
Gud mor ...dinesh g ....mere saath esee trh bne rhhe or rate or review jrur kejeye course ko
when will u complete this ? pls do it
yes, complete
Megha Khandelwal
2 years ago
2-3 topics left
maam please complete other topics.
  1. CHEMICAL BONDING COURSE-2 Presented by : Megha Khandelwal

  2. About me: Chemistry Hons., DU M.Sc in Organic Chemistry -Cleared CSIR-UGC NET (AIR 25) Verified Educator @ Unacademy - Interests: Work-outs, Cycling, Travelling& Dance. - Course Fee: Contribute Follow me on Unacademy

  3. Objective . To understand the subject in the right direction from basics to advance. . Build concepts, exceptions (with reasoning), frequently asked questions. . Fear free learning, say BYE to confusions. . Chemical Bonding (Basics) IT-JEE syllabus (cover topics with in depth knowledge) Examples & practice questions.

  4. Target Audience -JEE MAINS & ADVANCED NEET, BITSAT IIT-JAM CSIR-UGC NET - GATE-CY UPSC Geologist and Geoscientist . UPSC- Chemistry (Optional) IISC NTPC ONGC

  5. Lessons in this course COURSE-1 COURSE-2 VSEPR model Back Bonding Orbital Overlap & Covalent Bond Sigma & pi Strength of bonds . Dipole Moment - Coordinate bond . Polarity in molecules/ Aromaticity Formal Charge Orbital Energy Diagrams or MOT . Structure determination & stability . Homonuclear diatomic species * Concept of Hybridization (s, p &d orbitals) - Heteronuclear diatomic species Shapes of Molecules . Including exceptions - Hydrogen Bonding Acidic Strength Melting Point & Boiling Point Concept of Resonance Resonance Stability Resonance Energy * Polarisation Fajan's Rule

  6. List of Reference Books -J.D Lee-Gushwaha - Asim K. Das -Cotton Wilkinson 6th Edition - Meisler &Tarr . Housecraft-Sharpe R.Sarkar Greenwood -Ernshow

  7. CONTRIBUTE - If this course is helping you in any way, please contribute a voluntary fee. Click on the contribute button. - Click to Rate, Review & Recommend - It will really motivate me to come up with better and more engaging courses.