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Charge Coulombs Law (in Hindi)
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Crash course for board exam.The following topics are explained in this video-charge , coulombs law,numetical

Sanjeev Bhargava
M.Sc.(Physics)B.Ed. Owner of two coaching classes(For IIT-JEE & NEET) in Bhopal and Hoshangabad (M.P.), 25 years of Teaching experience.

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sry but it is boring...
Sanjeev Bhargava
5 months ago
  1. Unacademy Class 12 Charge Electric Charges Coulombs law Board Percentage Enhancing Course Vector form of Coulombs law, Principle of Superposition Numericals Electric Field Sanjeev Bhargava's Crash course Electrostate

  2. CHARGE Proputies O.uqntisation chaYge Coulombls Law Chape- m ed o/ Chare i UnaHcd pen mitivity by motion Units c state c kI (Vacuum) kg Cwater) esu) 9 Farad metre

  3. Coulomb's law inNechos Lo m Force on qr, due to torce on 92 ~ 1 2 2 due to 91= -F12 2 the same sign (eithen both He 0 both-ve) 12. 2, is along nore epu sion s alono-Yia 2 which dinote attracom

  4. 3 3 1 Num How much ve and-ve ch 1 a 100 chavvoe ii molecular massofuoaten =lg noop moleculs-6022x0 No. molecula present in loog wata-6022h ripo 2. 3

  5. Numerical the vertices of an equilateral triangle, as shown in Fig What is the force on each charge? (NCERT) Consider the charges q, q and - q placed at -9- Simi laly F. F. F 91

  6. Numa fore equal point cha on the Pour corners ot a squar o sidle o-2 m Callote the torce on omy one othe chares.Ba eqch 16 Hc are pjqce. CBS F. 0.2 m D 1 0.2 m 43 34 57.6 N cD B D