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Characteristics of Civil Services
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Characteristics of civil services , design of civil services

Siva Prasad is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Siva Prasad
Alumni- Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore; Part of Harvard Business School CORe 2020 cohort; Telegram ID/Promo code - akmsiva

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Good questions, We need more...
Sweta Kumari
a year ago
Ok thanks
Hello sir .now I m studying b.e.electrical and electronics final year . ca you help to choose the subject .
Siva Prasad
2 years ago
You can email me your query in detail @
Anjali.p.s gowda
2 years ago
okay sir thank you
sir I'm upsc aspirant and I request u to make optional course of physics....
Siva Prasad
2 years ago
It will take sometime but I am definitely working on it. Stay tuned :)
Anup Tiwari
2 years ago
thanku sir..
Nice, informative, consice. I will watch more for sure. And how was your result - 2017 mains?
thanks sir please make a video on cntral services and last stat g does our educational background may influence the post or department we are assigned
Hi , Can you please make a course on central services, like little bit of job profile of each services....? Thankyou....
  1. Civil Services in India Part - 1 SIVA PRASAD

  2. About Me . Bachelors and Masters in Physics from Indian Institute of Science (ISc), Bangalore .INSPIRE Scholar, DST Govt. of India Interested in Physics, current affairs, economics.... . Physicist, Blogger, Teacher.... Wrote UPSC CSE Mains 2017 Research Publication in Journal of Applied Physics

  3. Types of Services . Civil Servant Civil Administration Armed Forces officials- Armed forces/defence . Judicial Officials judicial administration

  4. Design of Civil Services in India . All-India Services Central Services State Services

  5. Characteristics of Civil Services . sphere of competence-Through recruitment test, training and experience-> Administration highly technical & politicians amateur administrators . Meritocracy- Recruitment through an open and transparent process Principle of Rationality their work/actions are based on scientific rules and are not arbitrary ->work on rules and regulations . Hierarchy Career oportunities and advancement

  6. Characteristics of Civil Services Impartiality . Democratic accountability - Accountable to Ministers/public elected representatives Neutrality - Apolitical

  7. Thank You