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Chapter 6- Balance of Payment- Current Account
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This lesson is on Balance of Payments ( Current account )

Arpita Prakash
YouTuber NCERTs series initiator at Unacademy 'Educator of the Month' for Feb'19 CBSE 0.1% Merit Certificate holder in Mathematics

Unacademy user
Mam you are giving direct formulas... but i want to understand how did we arrive at these formulas. Where can I get this explanation?
Reenu Bala
2 months ago
for complete explanation u have to read books
2 months ago
I am B.Tech. graduate preparing for B.Ed. entrance in Telangana. Completely new to abstract algebra. Can you please recommend a good book for both studying and problem solving in topics like GROUPS, RINGS, VECTOR SPACES and so on.
Reenu Bala
2 months ago
Gallian, souchum series,gilbert strang introduction to linear algebra..
please complete the course