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Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (in Hindi)
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This lesson provides you the summary of Chapter 1 titled 'What,Where,How and When' and Chapter 2 titled 'On the trail of the earliest people'.

Yasmin Gill
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1 A 2 C 3 A 4 A 5 A 6 A 7 C- After this case CBI comes under the Vigilance Commission. This case is regarding the corruption charges against the high rank public officials in India. 8 All Except B. Belize 9 B. Working on 4 issue- unnatural death, overcrowding in prisons, gross inadequacy of staff, untrained staff. 10 C. Indian National Army- mainly trained in Rangoon and Bangkok. Very few ever had been to India.
maan please include maps also in your slides
how can I prepare complete ancient history...??? it can be completed by reading 6-12 ncert books and plz also tell about medieval history plzzz reply must because your reply is very necessary or valuable for me......
Amam More
2 years ago
rply plzzzz
MCQs chapter at the end of the course may help for preliminary effectively
mam please pib ke video kab tak banaaogi? ncert history up to 12th class takk create karr dena please thanks in advance
aap english subd ke sath hindi likh liya kijiye
Gursimran Singh
2 years ago
Were I can find Pdf of This video for revision?
  1. About me .Yasmin Gill BE(EEE) from UIET,PU .Qualified for UPSC Mains 2015 in 1st attempt State rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015 .You can follow me on this link- Irvuserlyashia

  2. Summary of Our Pasts-I By- Yasmin Gill

  3. How do we find out about the past? Manuscripts Inscriptions . Archaelogy

  4. Manuscripts (manu-Latin word-hand) .Usually on palm leaf-cut & tied together Or on specially prepared BARK of a tree-BIRCH-Himalayas . All kinds of subjects . Sanskrit, Prakrit, Tamil . Eaten away by insects Many preserved in temples & monasteries

  5. onga Dw@etese min o2 Aduya ( - te igh e Ah yu an Nogi@u ng rigng./ " o ou pre bo ne o RBI e 6 n@a n a G e@ am@ LuM10 u

  6. Inscriptions Inscripfions Writings on relatively hard surfaces-stone/metal . Generally by kings-victories, message to people . For e.g. Kandahar, Afghanistan-Ashokan inscription . Written in two different scripts and languages Greek and Armaic

  7. EXPLAINED SCRIPT- Consists of letters/signs LANGUAGE- When we read what is written or speak ARCHAELOGISTS- Those who study such objects by excavations .

  8. Excavations- Pots, tools, weapons, ornaments, coins, bones Plant remains survive very less Plant remains sUrvive very less

  9. on banks of NARMADA-Skilled gatherers and hunters SULAIMAN & KIRTHAR RANGES-First began to grow crops- Wheat, Barley and REAR ANIMALS- Sheep,goat and cattle Lived in villages .

  10. GARO HILLS(NE) & VINDHYAS- Agriculture developed North of Vindhyas-Rice was first grown INDUS & TRIBUTARIES- Some of earliest cities flourished . North of Vindhyas-Rice was first grown 4/00 years ago . GANGA & TRIBUTARIES- Later cities -2500 yrs ago . South of GANGA- MAGADHA KINGDOM

  11. About dates . BC-Before Christ etor AD- Anno Domini-In the year of Lord (Christ) . 2017 as 2017 AD . CE-Common Era; BCE-Before Common Era

  12. BHIMBETKA-MP- Habitation site- Wall paintings . MP as well as Southern UP . Wild animals drawn with great accuracy & skill . Caves & rock shelters . Close to NARMADA VALLEY Many such rock shelters-VINDHYAS & DECCAN PLATEAU .

  13. KURNOOL CAVES, Andhra Pradesh- Traces of ash have been found HUNSGI, Karnataka -Habitation-cum-factory site Most tools here were made of LIMESTONE-locally available .

  14. Check map of stone age sites in India Given on NCERT page no 14

  15. Ostriches were found in India in PALAEOLITHIC period Ostrich egg shells-Patne in Maharashtra Designs engraved on some while beads made out of others . Otherwise they are native to AFRICA