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Chalcolithic settlements
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Chalcolithic settlements part 1

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Arti Chhawari
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thnx mam plz add mcq's
thanks very much ma'am
in previous chapter it is said that neolethic age in india started in 7000 bc now it is told that in 7000bc chalcolithic age started
Arti Chhawari
6 months ago
In, NCERT class 6th- neolithic age starts from 8000BC. In standard book on Ancient History by Ram Sharan Sharma- Neolithic age starts from 10000BC era In themes in Indian History class 12th- it starts from 7000bce. So, which one is correct ? All of them, because there is never sharp boundary between two ages. They are merged with each other, reason being that in some area people started living settled life but in some are like south India people were still living nomadic life.
really helpful . thank you
As always nice explanation
South India had Neolithic and chalcolithic phase during same period?(Most chalcolithic ingredients intruded into the Neolithic sites in South India)plsss clear this line.It's a bit contrary of what we r studying


  3. CHALCOLITHIC SETTLEMENTS End of neolithic period Use of metsl started C1*metal copper) IHICCopper- Stone phase Culture which appeared in part of mature Harappan culture or after it end also exist People : -People RURAL CoMMUNITIES settle-ments bound in south eastern Rajasthan, western art of Mahavastra, western M.A. s outh India

  4. . MALWA CULTURE richest in Sites Malwa Chalcolihic ceramics Chirand kayatha, Eran JORWE CULTURE Chandol ZnamSdon sites : Torwe, Daima ba Ruval culture, some sites URGAN locate in senni-arid Torwe Malwa areas Findings : Flat , rectangar copper axes orwe and copper chel- Chandoli culture cultune

  5. .SITES IN EASTERN INDIA Bihar : Chirand, Pundu etc . Ue khairadih & Narhan used ting tools stone blades C rand . SOUTH EAST RATAST HAN Cul AHAR CULTUR E Flat aves , bangles Pe ople did smeltins 8 metallurj Copper locally available : Tam bavati GILUND Fragments of copper stone blade industry orwe Malwa cultune cultune

  6. Ancient India by Ram Sharan Sharma ' Advent of Aryans and the age of rig Veda Later vedic phase Jainism and Buddhism First Magadhan Empire Iranian and Macedonian invasion . Mauryan rule Mauryan Empire,art and Architecture 25 .Causes of the fall of Mauryan Empire and the central Asian contacts Impact of central Asian contacts Rate,comment,, recommend,review And Follow me at The age of Satvahanas Sangam age The rise and growth of Gupta Empire .