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Cell-Introduction (Lecture -1) (in Hindi)
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In this lecture i gave the overview of lesson, introduction and history of cell, in this lecture you know that who disvover cell or living cell.

Sandeep Singh Rao
Qualifications : M. Sc. (Biotechnology),NET with AIR-75 Experience : 3 Year teaching experience in pre-medical NEET(UG) level

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Can I do this course for NEET 2019 Physical chemistry ? And after doing this course is there a need to do NCERT solved, intext questions?? Please reply asap Sir
Ncert is mandatory for neet
Fatima Jamil
7 months ago
Thank you Sir
Fantastic! it's unique Course on Unacademy....Please provide regularly more Biotechnology, Human Physiology etc.
thanks sir ..plz full chapter provide krvaye
ok dear.. jaldi hi full chapter ke video uplaod kar diye jaayenge 😊
sir full chapter kacture upload kijiye please sir
Ok dear i will upload it soon
great it's more helpful for me
  1. CELL The Unit Of Life Lecture 1

  2. Overview of the lesson Introduction of cell Definition of cell .Discovery of cell Basic Types of cell Types of organisms True Nucleus Cell Theory Protoplasm, Cytoplasm, cytosol and nucleoplasm .Bacterial cell structure Types of bacteria .Plant cell and Animal cell Cell Organelles Genetic material in cells .Shape and size of cells Plasma Membrane Cell Wall Nucleus .Chromosomes

  3. Definition Any aqueous medium surrounded by a membrane is known as cell Cell Membrane (Plasma membrane) (Plasma lemma) Protoplasm (aqueous medium) CELL

  4. Definition . Structural and functional unit of life Cell Tissue Organ Organ System Body Organ system Organ Body Cell Tissue

  5. Discovery Of Cell Robert Hooke (1665): - First discovered cell (Cork cell) Use Compound microscope Cork cells are dead plant cell:s 'Cellula' word for cell Only Cell-wall is present in a dead plant cell Robert Hooke Cork Cellula Compound microscope

  6. Discovery Of Cell Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek: . Discovered first living cell (Protozoa, Bacteria, Sperm, RBC) ANIMALCULES (Small animals like) Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek