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Calender Problem: Example 4
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Example 4

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Riya Agarwal
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Unacademy user
sir, your analysis is very awesome
I couldn't understand that for 2nd October you added two more days but when you calculate from 1st Jan of one year to 1st Jan of other you don't add any days but if you would take 1st Jan to 2nd Jan you should add 1 extra day, then why 2 days here?
Tushar Agrawal
4 months ago
same doubt mam
Ankit Garg
4 months ago
I think in other questions, we have given day for 01 January. But when we are calculating from zero date, we ends up on 31 Dec of last year. That's why we need to add 02 as odd days.
Brajesh Kumar
5 days ago
same doubt ma'am if 1st Oct is coming Thursday then the next day would be Friday but on adding to it would change to Saturday
Brajesh Kumar
5 days ago