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Calender Problem: Example 3
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Example 3

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Sir..... Jipmer is government or privet college.... And what is the donation
if you're not considering 1976 as a whole year then why are you considering it as a whole ordinary year? what i did is, there were 26 years between 1976 to 2002 and as you said that 197 has a diifrent impact so ive calculated the odd days from 1st april 1976- december 1976 and later took the rest of the year as whole which got me 5odd days.
You really saved me from a wrong concept of 7 years. I was so confused when you took 6 leap years. Thanks for this question.😌
21 days ago
is 7 leap year wrong
there are 7 leap year.hw to get 6 leap year
Ma'am what if some middle date is given like 24 or 26?