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Calendars: Concepts
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Here we discuss Calendars Concept, Basic terminology, What are Odd days, How many Off days does a Leap year/Ordinary year have, Probably Calendar question types etc

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SC ko allow kar dena chaiyeh as such different cases mei because uss bache ko birth de ke uski khud ki jaan abhi threaten hai,, Yes sometimes in governance we have to take harsh decisions but in some cases we should not only see the things right according to our law but also what is important at that time,,in this case concern of parents should also be taken into consideration. The baby has right to life but agr parents hi usse nhi rakhenge toh aise case mei uske bachne ke chances aur bhi kam ho jayenge plus he/she will go through physical pain too. So both for the baby and the parents abortion should be allowed in some specific cases.
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  2. CALENDAR years Ordinary year - An ordinary year has 365 days Leap vear - A leap year has 366 days ' Difference between an ordinary year & a leap year is that a leap year has an extra day, as 29th Feb.

  3. CALENDAR years Leap year occurs every 4 years, to keep the calendar in alignment with the earth's revolution around the sun Earth takes 365 1/4th day or 6 hours in the calendar there is a leap year days to complete 1 revolution, thus to compensate . A year is NOT a leap year if it's not divisible by 4 or 400 Example: Years 1600, 2400 are divisible by 400, thus Leap years & Years 1700, 2100, 2300 are NOT divisible by 400, thus not Leap years

  4. Odd days Odd days - In a given time period, the no. of days that are more than the weekly cycle are called Odd days Example: In 12 days, we have 1 week & 5 days There are 5 Odd days In 23 days, we have 3 weeks & 2 days > There are 2 Odd days In 70 days, we have 10 weeks & 0 days There are 0 Odd days

  5. Odd days Example: In an Ordinary year, we have 52 weeks & 1 day There are 1 Odd day in 1 Ordinary year In a Leap year, we have 52 weeks & 2 days There are 2 Odd days in 1 Leap year Therefore, an Ordinary year has 1 Odd day & a Leap year has 2 Odd days

  6. Reference Chart January 1st 0001 A. D, was a Monday (Reference Chart) Reference Chart Number of Odd days 0 Day of the week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 2 3 4 **Sunday is taken as the Reference point

  7. CALENDAR Problem types Type 1. Find the day of the week for a given date when some other date & day is specified Reference gi ven Type 2. Find the day of the week for a given date when NO other date & day is specified No reference given