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Calendar - Part 8 (in Malayalam )
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This lesson discusses about the problems related to Calendar

Akhil A S is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Akhil A S
> More than 6 six years experience in PSC field > Cracked different exams like ALP,Excise > Fb page and Telegram group - PSC Challenger

Unacademy user
I have one doubt....can I
Shraddha S K
a year ago
yeah please ask😀
is this done with notepad????
Shraddha S K
a year ago
Shraddha S K
a year ago
Write codes in notepad and then save it and close it. then open with chrome or any other browser.
tqqq mam
Shraddha S K
a year ago
Follow me for more updates😀
okk mam
Shraddha S K
a year ago
do you have any youtube acc. maam ,i cause i think i hace saw you somewhere in youtube doing a video on life of software engineer
younger ആവുമ്പോൾ aug 22 ന് അല്ലേ. അപ്പോൽ mon അല്ലെ വരുന്നത്?
mohans bday is on monday
mohan 11 days younger ennu parayumpol +11 22 alle varika but ennalum answer Sunday Tanne varunnund
Sir good class.. bt one doubt മോഹൻ ജനിച്ചത് 22അല്ലെ.. അപ്പോൾ ans. Monday അല്ലെ..
monday alle answer?
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