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Buoyancy Principle (in English)
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This lesson throws light on buoyancy forces.

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Binni sir..not understood these points.. what is the meaning behind it..can understood..pls.. 1)In proper nouns 2 point. 2)in common nouns 3 point... 3) common noun 3rd example ... 4)collective noun 2nd point..not understood sir.. 5) example 1 in collective noun not understood.. 6) Abstract noun 1 point not understood. sir u have given. examples there know sir..what are helping verbs in that particular sentence related to abstract noun eg... sir..pls discuss sir..pls..

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  3. FLUID STATICS I. Buoyancy Forces 2. Hydrostatic Force 3. Pressure Measurement F, P.A Fluid deals with the fluid behaviour and its effects when at rest. A fluid is said to be at rest if no shear stresses acting on fluid particle. Eg. no viscosity Only 2 forces involved I. Body Force (self weight of fluid matter) 2. Normal force on the surface due to pressure intensity of the fluid

  4. BUOYANCY PRINCIPLE Buoyancy is a phenomena which is observed when a solid body interact with any liquid. There are 3 possibilities: I. The body can float (partially submerged) 2. The body can sink or (submerged fully) 3. Body top surface coincide with liquid surface -

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