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Biology Answer Key: Part 2(in Hindi)
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In this session we have discussed part 2 Answer solutions.

Anmol Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Anmol Sharma
||MBBS||Main Aim to be REAL i.e Redefining Education and Learning. QED method Teaching i.e Quite Easily Done Youtube:- QED Zone.

Unacademy user
hello sir.. how to solve when trig(inverse ) - this is given
Suyash Goyal
10 months ago
It depends on the type of Question Shreetu..but we can do such questions using Chain Rule of Differentiation. Please go through all the lessons of this.And you will multiple questions of this type.
in question 108 u proved answer 2 as the correct answer without any logical explanation and then you realised that the correct answer is 3...then you again explained without any logical explanation and proved 3 as the right the hell is this possible man how can you prove 2 as correct ....u have no deep knowledge
115 question is from transport in plants.
no good explanations tell which is correct...we all can k ow which is correct from the answer keys...but you don't tell that why the other options are incorrect... because in exam we have to choose that why are other options in correct...that is the root of confusion
in question 106 u proved the incorrect answer as correct and all the other correct ones as incorrect wtf 🤷
bacho ko chutiya bana rhe ho yaha baith k ...unka future q barbaad krwaoge
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