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Biggest/ Smallest/Longest/tallest Place In The World (in Malayalam)
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This Lesson Is Disscused Of Biggest /Tallest/longest/Places In The World

Radha krishnan
Hai frnds. I am Radha krishnan.Teaching for kerala psc exams & Manages Facebook,Whatsapp, Telegram & precise Online Psc Youtube channel

Unacademy user
This was a relatively untouched arena at Unacademy till now. Nice course to cover this lacunae up.BTW if possible summarise decision making aspects from Thinking Fast and Slow, i think with your background in psychology you be able to cover it up more comprehensively.
Aashini Goyal
2 years ago
Sure Hardik...i will try to summarize it in the upcoming lessons :)

  1. Largest Continent - Asia Smallest Continent - Australia Largest Country (in area) Russia Largest Country (in population) China Largest City (in population) - Tokyo Largest City (in area) - Mount Isa; Highest Capital City La Paz; Bolivia

  2. Highest City - Wen Chuan (Tibet, China), Highest Plateau Pamir; Tibet Largest Desert in the world - Sahara; Largest Asian Desert - Gobi; Mongolia Highest Mountain Peak in the world Everest; Highest Mountain Range- The Himalayas Longest Mountain Range - The Andes;

  3. Largest Volcano - Mauna Loa; Hawaii Highest Volcano - Ojos del Salado; The Andes, Argentine-Cille The Deepest & Biggest Ocean - Pacific Smallest Ocean - Arcti Longest River - Nile Largest River in volume - Amazon,

  4. Largest Dam - The Three Gorges Dam Tallest Dam - Jinping-l Dam in China. Highest Waterfall- Salto Angels Falls; Venezuela Largest Delta in the world - Sundarbans; Largest Island Greenland Largest Sea (Inland) - Caspian Sea

  5. Largest Fresh Water Lake -Lake Superior, USA Highest Lake Titicaca; Bolivia Deepest Lake - Baikal (Siberia, Russia); Largest Artificial Lake Lake Volta Longest Big Ship Canal - Suez

  6. The longest river of India-The Ganga The longest river bridge in India - Mahatma Gandhi Setu, The largest animal fair in India Sonepur (Bihar) The largest Auditorium in India - Shammukhanand Hall (Mumbai) The largest lake in India Walur Lake (j&K)

  7. The highest Dam in India-Tehri Dam on Bhagirathi river (Uttarakhand) The largest Indian Desert-Thar (Rajasthan) The largest cave temple in India- Kailash Temple (Elora, Maharashtra) The largest Zoo in India- Zoological Garden (Kolkata)

  8. The longest road in India-Grand Tank Road or GT Road (Kolkata to Delhi The highest Gate way-Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri (UP) The largest Museum of India- Indian Museum, Kolkata The largest dome in India-Go! Gombuz, Bijapur (Karnataka)

  9. The largest Planetarium-Birla Planetarium, Kolkata The longest Canal -Indira Gandhi Canal /Rajasthan Canal The longest Passenger train route Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari The Indian State with the longest Coastline - Guiarat The longest National Highway of India - NH-7 (Varanasi to Kanyakumari)