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Bharath S
Here as a Teacher and Learner on Unacademy Family

Unacademy user
Sir U have a slide mentioning the details about accessing your courses on Unacademy namely DNA, DEA, MCQ & PIB Analysis. Sir, a sincere request is to start the DEA and the PIB course ASAP. It is a vital part of the strategy for many aspirants. Those courses are available for the previous months not the current month. Please continue with the DNA, DEA & PIB courses from January regularly. There is no substitute of your course both in terms of content and quality. Sir, I have seen a few of those courses by you on Youtube, I guess it is so because its easy to upload content on youtube. Maybe true, but I would still request you to upload your brilliant courses on unacademy. Thank You Sir...!!!
Jatin Verma
2 years ago
noted:) thanks
  1. Control Systems Oriented for GATE exam. Presented by Bharath

  2. Amplifier example 3 System SPEAKER

  3. Controller Process Output

  4. Controller Process Output Feedback

  5. 12 Vo

  6. ? . 2

  7. Zj + 2223 + 24

  8. 24- 4 -32 -18 lo 5

  9. R L To 6l2

  10. Ri Lj V1 ci 2. Vi CS cS