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Basic Understanding of Teaching Aptitude (in Hindi)
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In this video Heena Malhotra has given an brief introduction to syllabus of teaching aptitude.

Heena Malhotra
Believe in Conceptual Learning.

Unacademy user
plz provide me stuff for practice. plz
English classes please
mam your way of teaching is superb
Man can you suggest me best book for first paper in hindi
mam your voice so much nice, and your lecture so much knowledgeable
Sunil Soni
7 months ago
voice sunne aaye ho ya study krne manoj g
please add more previous year papers on teaching aptitude...
Heena Malhotra
a year ago
Soon ☺️
  1. By Heena Malhotra Basic Understanding of teaching aptitude Simplest way to learn Teaching aptitude and be able to solve questions in few minutes.

  2. About Me Currently Pursing By Heena Malhotra

  3. Teaching Nature , objectives , characteristics, and basic requirements Characteristics of learner Factors affecting teaching Methods of teaching Teaching aids and evaluation system. By Heena Malhotra

  4. Teaching Nature- Dynamic Art and Science etc. Teaching Objectives. Teaching Characteristics. Basic requirements By Heena Malhotra

  5. Ready to Learn Interested in learning Positive Attitude towards study By Heena Malhotra

  6. By Heena Malhotra Factors Affecting Teaching

  7. Through Lectures Demonstration Collabration. By Heena Malhotra

  8. By Heena Malhotra Teaching Aids

  9. Criterion Referred Evaluation Formulation Evaluation Summative Evaluation etc. By Heena Malhotra

  10. By Heena Malhotra Thank You For Watching