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Basic Terminology (in Hindi)
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In this video we will discuss about basic terminology.

Sandeep Singh
Android developer. Youtuber- "thenewobject". Love to Teach. Technophile & Gallivanter.

Unacademy user
sir I want to learn full classes
sir Me aek student Hu Or Muge Iss field me career bnana H Sir muge btye muge kya krna hoga aek achi job ke liye kya me basic me c se journey start kru Sir rply me
Shi h sir uc us shit
Nitin Kumar
3 months ago
are bhai kehna kya chAHTE HO?
as a application s/w i m using youcam perfact on phn
exellent video sir
Sandeep Singh
5 months ago
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  4. Software Concepts APPLICATION SOFTWARE Goneral Purpose Application Software Specific Purpose Application Software Utility Softwaro SYSTEM SOFTWARE Tool Operating System HARDWARE CPU, Monitor, Mouse, Koyboard Dovice Drivers BIOS Language Processors

  5. Hard disk RAM CPU

  6. Computer Organizer System properties Uninstall or change a program Map network drive Open Control Panel Favorites Hard Disk Drives (4) Desktop Downloads Recent Places Local Disk (C:) Local Disk (D:) Local Disk (E:) 70.7 GB free of 164 GB 2.13 GB free of 7.80 GB 37.0 GB free of 292 GB 4 Devices with Removable Storage (1) Libraries DVD RW Drive (G:) Documents Music Pictures Videos Computer Local Disk (C) Local Disk (D:) Local Disk (E:) Svstem Reserved (F:

  7. t Control Panel , All Control Panel Items System ctrl+shift+esc Control Panel Home View basic information about your computer Device Manager Remote settings System protection Advanced system settings Windows Task Manager File Options View Help Applications Processes Services Performance Networking Users Windows edition Windows 7 Professional Copyright 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Service Pack 1 Get more features with a new edition of Windows 7 Image Name Memory (Private Workin... Description dwm.exe explorer.exe frefox.exe *32 firefox.exe 32 IDMan.exe 32 mspaint.exe mspaint.exe POWERPNT.E.. RAVBg64.exe splwow64.exe taskhost.exe taskmgr.exe vic.exe 32 1,668 K 44,160 K Desktop Window Ma Windows Explorer 2,79,644K Firefox 2,72,912K Firefox 4,080 K Internet Download 30,728 K Paint 35,820 K Paint 3,172K Microsoft Office 4,832K 1,724K Print driver host for 2,824K Host Process for 3,192K Windows Task System Rating: 4.6 Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5005U CPU200GHz 2.00 GHz 4.00 GB 64-bit Operating System No Pen or Touch Input is available for this Display Windows Experience Index Processon Installed memory (RAM): System type Pen and Touch: 88,144K VLC media player exe 2,664K Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings Show processes from all users End Process HP-PC Computer name: Full computer name Computer description: HP-PC Processes: 54 CPU Usage: 1% Physical Memory: 55%

  8. what computer does? Run Program Computer will do anything which you tell programming

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  10. Developer tools o Interpreter compiler Integrated Development Environment

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