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Basic Idea and Organisation of The Indian Parliament (in Hindi)
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Organisation of Indian Parliament and Composition of the two Houses (Hindi)

Warsha B
B.Tech(ECE), NIT Nagpur, @IBM India, cleared CDS, gave CSE Mains thrice, read fiction, collect rare coins, sky watching

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sir wave motion aur eletric circut ke question digiye
1, (don't know) 2, "a"
1. option d. 2.0ption a.
Q.1- 1,2,3 Q.2-250
Nikhil Jagtap
2 years ago
Pardon Q.1-(d)
  1. PARLIAMENT By Warsha

  2. GET TO KNOW ME Warsha Electronics & Communication engineer (NIT, Nagpur) x Worked at IBM Cleared UPSC-CDS written e Preparing for UPSC-CSE

  3. COURSE DETAILS x Sessions of x Basic idea x Organization Lok Sabha Parliament x Devices of Parliamentary Proceedings Rajya Sabha Membership Parliament Leaders in Parliament of x Legislative procedure x Joint sitting

  4. COURSE DETAILS x Parliamentary privileges Sovereignty x Multi-functional role of Parliament x In-effectiveness of of Parliament Parliamentary control x Various committees

  5. WHAT IS PARLIAMENT? Legislative organ of the Union government Parliamentary form of government in India Article 79 to 122 in Part V

  6. ORGANISATION Parliament Council of House of President Statesthe People (Rajya Sabha since 1954) (Lok Sabha since 1954)

  7. PLEASE NOTE x Parliamentary form of Government emphasises on interdependence between the legislative & executive organs x So, President-in-Parliament

  8. COMPOSITION OF THE 2 HOUSES States elected by MLAs; system of prop. rep. by means of single transferable vote; based on popltr States + UTs 238 (Indirect election) Uts - indirectly elected by specially constituted electoral college; system of prop. rep. by means of single transferable vote Rajya Sabha - max 250 Special knowledge/practical experience in art, literature, science & social service Nominated -12

  9. COMPOSITION OF THE 2 HOUSES States - directly elected by people; principle of universal adult franchise States 530 UTs 20 UTs - election according to Union Territories (Direct Election to the House of the People) Act, 1965 Lok Sabha - max 552 Nominated -2 Anglo-Indian Community If President feels, they are not adequately represented in the LS

  10. SAMPLE QUESTION 1. Which of the following are the limitations on the sovereignty of Indian Parliament? 1) Fundamental rights 2) Judicial Review 3) Federalism 4) Written Constitution a) 1,3,4 b) 1,2,3 c) 1 & 2 d) 1,2,3 & 4

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