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Basic concepts of STD.(Speed-Time-Distance) (in Hindi)
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Basic concepts of speed time and distance

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  1. S>Speed d istance

  2. Speet TIME Distance lime 0 D= SXT

  3. unit's of Speed M/Min

  4. $5 50

  5. 1000\ 3600m/sec (1 Km = 1000 m and 1 hour = 3600 sec.) x Km/hr. = | xx-1 m/sec. 18

  6. When a body travels with different speed for different durations, then average speed of that body complete journey is defined as the total distance cov- ered by the body divided by the total time taken to cover the distance for the Total distance covered by body Total time taken by the body Average Speed =

  7. . Average Speed: If a certain distance is covered at two different speeds i.e., if a distance x is covered at u, km/hr and the same distance is covered at 'v' km/hr, then the average speed of the journey is calculated as Km/hr 2uv u+ V

  8. For a man covering a certain distance at 7 Km/hr and returning at 3 km/hr. Calculate the average speed of the . man u7 Km/hr., v- 3 Km/hr. 2uv 2x7x3 Average Speed - 42 4.2 km/hr. 10

  9. If two persons A and B start at the same time in opposite directions from two points and after passing each other they complete the journey in 'a' and 'b' hours respectively, then A's speed : B's speed - Vb Ja

  10. If distance is kept constant, then the speed of a body is inversely proportional to time. i.e., Speed oc (Distance constant) Time

  11. Rule-2 y km/hr.<-B | Rel. Speed = (x + y) km/hr. When two objects move in opposite directiorn