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Basic Approach to Study Indian Polity: Syllabus of Indian Polity for UPSC CSE/IAS Exam

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Roman Saini

This is a highly important lesson where all the vital aspects which would lead one to gain most marks under Polity section are discussed in a unique way by Roman Saini. As the lesson starts, one would understand, what makes Roman teach Polity. Then one would get a better picture in terms of the probability of questions that might appear in CSE papers as Roman has exquisitely done this analysis of question papers ranging from 2011 till 2015. The reasons for an aspirant to get thoroughly acquainted with the subject Polity at an initial stage of CSE preparation has been justified. Then one would know the basic strategy to go about Polity related questions in CSE. He has also shared effective steps on how to prepare for Polity questions. Then using some previously appeared questions in CSE on Polity, Roman has concluded on how a person can gain an approach to scoring most marks ​out of this topic.

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