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BARC Important Question Series Part - 21 (in Hindi)
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Question based on Matrix

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Deep Sangeet Maity
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Unacademy user
Every time i try to load the videos it says some problem occurred kindly reload , after reloading 5 or 6 times it works .Does anyone else have this problem or is it only me ? Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated .
Aashuman Singh
2 years ago
it happens rarely with me sometimes. Try updating your browser if it's not updated cause sometimes old version create some problems. You can also try to open unacademy site in some other browser if you have multiple browser and see if there it runs well or not
Thank you will try to update .I tired in different browsers still the problem exists
Preeti Dalal
2 years ago
If you have good network connectivity it does not happen , If it persists change the browser and check Please
Thanks Preeti yeah I don't have good network connectivity since i live in the tea estate .It always says, " looks like you are in a slow speed network connection ".