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Banking Terms Related to Lending the Money (in Hindi)
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Banking Terms related to one of Banking function Lending the money.

Swapnil Jain
Having graduation with BCA & Pg with MA(sociology) having Joint Banking Training Certificate with NIBF & Fino Payment Bank 6 years experienc

Unacademy user
will wait for next class mcq..great job
Avanish Utsav
2 years ago
Hey...MCQ Courses on class 7th, 8th and 10th are live now ...please refer to my profile if u need them :-) Thanks @ Varsha :-)
Varsha chaurasia
2 years ago
thankyou so much will surely watch..unacademy is best due to its supportive team..
Avanish Utsav
2 years ago
My pleasure :-) Keep watching, rating and reviewing :-)
2 years ago
please provide lessons for class 9th & 11th NCERT also
  1. Banking Turms Related To Basic Functions Of Banking (Lending The Money) 01 BAND 111 unacademy By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  2. Banking ? 1. Lending The Money. 2. Accept The Deposit. By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  3. 1. Lending The Money. A. Providing Loan a.- On the period of term. 1 Demand Loan 2.- Term Loan b.-On the Basis of Risk 1.- Prime Loan 2.- Sub Prime Loan c.- On the Basis of Loan Size 1.- Retail Loan 2. Corporate Loan By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  4. 1. Lending The Money. B.- Credit Facylity a.- Pledge b.- Hypothecation C.-Mortgage d-Reverse Mortgage By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  5. 1. Lending The Money. c.-Bank overdra By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  6. 1. Lending The Money. D.- Discounting The Bill a.-Commercial Bill By: Swapnil Jain Sir

  7. Thank you All The best unacademy By: Swapnil Jain Sir