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Average(Part-4): Previous Year Questions Asked in SSC CGL TIER-1 2017 Exams(Hindi)
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Hello friends In this video we are sharing you Average Previous Year Questions Asked in SSC CGL TIER-1 2017 Exams.Which is very important for Upcoming All Competitive Exams.

Vivek Kumar mandal
Founder of KV Classes. Verified Educator on Unacademy.Expert in teaching tricks in Maths (Arithmetic+ Advanced) for SSC, Banking,Rly

Unacademy user
I have a big confusion about having and being, please get solve in crisp..!
Suyash Goyal
2 years ago
Don't be confused Roshan soon I will make a course on it :-)
Roshan Gupta
2 years ago
  1. PART-04 Average Previous Year Questions SSC CGL TIER-I 2017 By- Vivek kumar Follow me :

  2. The average cost of 5 items in a shopping list is Rs. 650. If one more item whose Rs. 1400 is aded to the list what will be the new average (in Rs)? 18. (c)725 (d)825 (a)775 (b) 875 6

  3. 19. A batsman makes a score of 81 runs in the 16th match and thus increases his average runs per match by 3. What is his average after the 16th match? (a) 35 (b) 34 (c)33 (d)36 33+3

  4. 0. What is the average of all numbers between 11 and 80 which are divisible by 6? (a)46 (b) 47 (c)44 (d45 12, 18, --. 78 2. 9 2.

  5. 22. The average marks of 10 students in an examination was 25. If was later found that the marks of one student had been wrongly entered as 34 instead of 43. What is the correct average? (a) 25.5 (b) 24.1 (c)24.5 (d)25.9 43 34a 2 Vevagu- 259 I o 25

  6. 24. In a class of 39 students there are 26 girls. The average weight of these girls is 42 kgs and average weight of the full class is 48 kgs. What is the average weight (in kgs) of the boys of the class? (a)54 (b) 6 (c) 60 (d)62 2 1832-1092 Boys 38 60

  7. 21. The average makrs of 40 students in an examination the marks of one the value of correct average? was 26. It was later found that 37. What is student had been wrongly entered as 73 instead of (a) 24.3 (b) 24.1 (c)24.5 (d)24.7 2 13-36 5-1000-36 36 g6q 2401 Av