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Aunt Jennifer's Tiger
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'Aunt Jenifer's Tiger' by Adrienne Rich is discussed in great detail with stanza wise explanation, critical analysis and question bank.

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for question 3,4 will these answer work ans : here they are referring to "ring" that is given by uncle to aunt Jennifer and it is heavy because aunt Jenifer was overburden by the responsibilities of marriage ans4 : aunt jenifer created animals like a tiger because she want to express her feelings and wanted to symbolize that they are chivarlic and full of confident . here tiger symbolize how strong aunt jenifer is but she couldnt express it because she was afraid and terrified and depress by her responsibilities of marriage .
Yes woman are as equal as men are..
would you please answer question no 3 & 5. mam
Khusbu Limbu song
9 months ago
ans 5 : the tigers are the denizens of forest . they live far away from human settlements . they are call chivarlic this indicates the majestic and honourable position that they occupy in the world of animals . so they use words denizens and chivarlic add to our understanding of the tiger attitude.
mam please hindi mai samjha do
  1. School Level etry Analysis -12th class CBSE) Aunt Jennifer's Tiger

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  3. A little about Adrienne Rich o May 16, 1929 - March 27, 2012 o American poet, essayist and radical feminist. the rights of women. contribution in the field of literature o Wrote several books advocating o Won several awards for her and art

  4. Stanza 1 Aunt Jennifer's tigers prance across a screen Bright topaz denizens of a world of green. Aunt Jennifer's tigers are not! They do not fear the men living tigers. They are images beneath the tree; created by her on tapestry.certainty. They pace in sleek chivalric The tigers here symbolize men, who dominate society o In contrast to the poetess, they are fearless and liberated. The poetess yearns for these qualities

  5. Aunt Jennifer's finger fluttering through her wool Find even the ivory needle hard to pull. The massive weight of Uncle's wedding band Sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer's hand. Stanza 2 Aunt Jenniferis so much terrorized an tortured that she is unable to carrythedding hand weight of the wool. The uncle's wedding ring seems heavier to her. It gives the message that she has been burdened with her marital responsibilities. o The poetess wanted to convey that woman throughout her lifetime works to beautify 'the tiger' i.e. her husband, but she feels so much subjugated that the marital bond becomes a burden

  6. Stanza 3: The final stanza reveals a sad truth. The poetess says that even death will not be able to release Aunt Jennifer from the trauma she had to undergo during her lifetime. Her hands i.e. life, will be a story of ordeals and oppression that she was subjected to. But, the tigers created by her will be eternal. They will always be 'proud and unafraid. Perhaps the poetess wanted to say that the women are themselves creating these tigers. They need to break their shackles and be unafraid like the tigers themselves. One more thing that can be inferred from the poem is that Aunt Jennifer longs for freedom from dominance and male chauvinism. When Aunt is dead, her terrified hands will lie Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by. The tigers in the panel that she made Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid.

  7. Critical Analysis o Important Symbols Needlework, The o Important themes- tigers, The wedding band Women and femininity Art and culture Immortality

  8. Question Bank o What are the difficulties that Aunt Jennifer faced in her life? o How are Aunt Jennifer's tigers different from her? (All India o What is the weight that lies heavy on Aunt Jennifer's hand? o Why do you think Aunt Jennifer created animals that Die so (Delhi 2014) 2014) How is it associatedwith her husband? (Foreign 2010) different from her own character? What might the poet be suggesting through this difference? (All ndia 2011) How do the words, denizens' and 'chivalric, add to our understanding of Aunt Jennifer's tigers? (All India 2012) o