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Attitude vs Aptitude (in Hindi)
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Learn about the difference beween attitude and aptitude.

Navdeep Singh
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  1. Attitude formation & Behavior Change Persuasion, Prejudice, Discrimination, Stereotyping

  2. Table of Content 1. 2. 3. Attitude: Formation Why study with Attitude? Behavior prediction 1. Social /External pressure 2. Accessibility 3. Strengtlh 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Behavior specific attitude Prejudice vs discrimination Implicit and explicate prejudice Importance of Attitude change Cognitive dissonance Persuasion

  3. Attitude vs Aptitude Whats a difference?

  4. Attitude Aptitude Latin Word "Aptus" meaning fitness or adeptness Innate, inborn potential. But not cast in stone. It can be from nature, it can be nurtured. It is your positive/negative feeling towards a person, object, event, idea, environment. Associated with character Associated with competence Attitude determines How people arrive at correct judgment, how they'll perform a given task? e.g. If an officer has negative attitude towards minorities, he may delay passing their scholarship files. It determines whether Person will develop the skills to perform a particular task?

  5. Examples of attitudes Examples of aptitude Confidence Cautious tolerant Quantitative aptitude Verbal aptitude Reasoning aptitude Finger dexterity Visual memory e pessimism responsible Both physical and mental. E.g. Only mental. Surviving terminal disease depends on your attitude towards life rather than 'aptitude' in physical training. To become an officer in defense or police services, you need to have both physical and mental aptitude. Aptitude of hand and eye coordination Good cricketer

  6. Attitude Aptitude In India, most people pickup profession without seeing whether they've the 'aptitude' for it or not? They choose a profession by change and not choice. So, they make a living from their career, but don't derive job-satisfaction e.g. Most Engineers, pharmacist and IT graduates. A Civil servant must have 3 aptitudes 1. Intellectual aptitude. 2. Emotional aptitude. 3. Moral aptitude.