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Assumptions of Kinetic Theory, Definition of an Ideal Gas (in Hindi)
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The lesson presents the course overview, need of a theory for gases, assumptions of kinetic theory and importance of every assumption. Then it defines ideal gas and interprets ideal gas equation for various kinds of processes.

Shubham Kumar
I have done B.Tech, IIT Delhi (in Mechanical engineering). I have been teaching physics to JEE and NEET aspirants for three years.

Unacademy user
Please make in English also madam
IN the assumption 4..what kind of force act during collisions?
bhai neet 2019 me help kre
how to calculate final volume if 1/4 gas is escaped from the container??
ye Hindi me hai vidio kyo pagal bana rahe ho sir😡
a gas is filled in a container of volume v at 121°c to what temperature should be heated that 1/4 th of gas is escaped???? plz help me wid this
Shubham Kumar
a year ago
keep the pressure same and then temp will be proportional to volume
Shruti Teli
a year ago
  1. Kinetic Theory of Gase s .Gases are not Like simple bodies nvowed in mechanics The motion can neitwr beobserved hot con be predicted with Specibic To Predict behamior of gases, e hawe to derin based an urupt, ons . result on ome ome are predicted win the help of toot real observed values -tlhen issaid to be devant otkM wise not one . kinetic theory of gases AAimpyoneofpethb impt certiin Kincla heores used to explain behanious ases

  2. Askumptions fK.T.G There a very lage mbe fs molecules inside he container 1> 2> The Volume occupied by the molecules themaelres is aligble compoedto volume of the container 3 Every molecule has egual Proba6iu'ty to move in al poti ble direchom. molecule, 1

  3. > here 'as no torces between any mokada exceet at the me of collision. 5> MolecueeNewlton's Lows of motion. 6> The collisions beturcen tro molecules or b be-tween Mofe astiC

  4. Ideal as . A asic ellos aiumphomaof Kinetic ueor to a qeod extent J caled an ideal ates as gas at high temp and Leo preune behowres clese to an ideal gas veny .An ideal sellows Where, P= Pres T-temp (K) R = 8.31 Jm4"k-' (a universal

  5. Lnterprehing Ideal Ses qation For a gs nside a closed container CNo mass exch without de ), n=constant chomge 'For a closed chamber ith ixed votumt (n,R&V become Conston Hor a as umder constomt Presure ixed Piston -- / (Constant volume) moving piston (constent Press ure For Dn isothermal process CT- constant), PV=constant or Poe

  6. ExampleA cubical room of Gide a contains ai at room empertue and re t 1 atm. ain i pumped idto a omf side /2 at tuu Same lemperoture then ind premuue of air nside the Amaler room

  7. Sdlution As lermp i ame Ame n both c both cases, PV (nRT) = const . a becomes h A 0 2- v decreases 8 tines Presa re ,