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Art and Culture from Prehistoric Times to Mauryan Age: Overview

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Priya Singh

Beginning with the prehistoric times, we learn what is Prehistory, what were the needs of men at that time, the subject of drawings, important archaeologists, places where we find remnants of Rock Paintings, dyes used to Color paintings, paintings of Bhimbetka caves, their themes and categorisation of paintings into periods. Then we move to the Artefacts of the Indus Valley, the sites in Pakistan and India, the statue of the bearded man, Lost Wax Technique of making bronze castings, Terracotta items, The commercial seals, beads and ornaments, the Dancing Girl, Mother Goddess and other famous Artefacts. Lastly, we will read about the Mauryan period, advent of Buddhism and Jainism, Stupas, Viharas, Mauryan Pillars and their features, Yaksha worship, Rock cut caves, and Lion Capital at Sarnath. The course is supplemented with questions for better understanding.