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Area of Inequality (in Hindi)
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Question asked in IIT JEE MAIN

Jagat Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jagat Chaudhary
Qualified IIT-JEE,IIT-JAM. Expert faculty for IIT-JEE Mathematics Courses. M.Sc. Ph.D. (MATHEMATICS) IIT Bhubaneswar.Cofounder at Aspiration

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sir telegram me khaa hai apka pdf hum jude hue hai apne channel se
Sir how to find area when greatest integer function is given???
Jagat Chaudhary
a year ago
good question Rajkumar ji. In case of greatest integer function(GIF) , we define the value of GIF for each interval to know your answer. please watch And and please rate this course and follow me on unacademy so that you can get regular updates when I publish new lesson. thankyou.. keep watching and keep learning
thank you sir