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Area and perimeter part 4
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Ssc PRIVIOUS YEAR Question in Hindi

Ashok Sirohi
I am Asprints of SSC CGL also give CGL Main 2 time.I am teaching last 3 year Math with my trick I have youtube channel with 1.5 MILLION sub

Unacademy user
use the map same time with slides, later you cover it , so this is harmful, if you save time not show map properly, so it can create difficulty, plz increase the time, but clarity is important rather than save time, course can't compare but mem plz added more map plz
Ashish Anand
2 years ago
As already mam has stated before,mam has limited time of 15 minutes on each topic due to video constraint. Mam has lots of content to explain. So please pause the video and see the map for urself instead of complaining.
Ashish sinha
2 years ago
Yes he is right you have to work yourself It will better for you to go through maps rather than complaining
Vedanshu Nagar
2 years ago
okk no need to more panic about it.
sir u tube pe Sam bahu tervuz aur samde bahu ka v video dal ye na
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