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Approach for General Aptitude - GATE 2017
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This lesson starts with the Ideal Approach for preparing General Aptitude which includes Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability. What all topics you should study for General Aptitude section. What is weightage of this section in GATE paper. After that few important Tips is given which will Surely Help you all.

Harshit Aggarwal
Cleared UPSC ESE twice with Rank 63 and 90 in mechanical engg. Got 99 percentile in GATE. Cracked ONGC, BHEL,ISRO, SAIL, GAIL successfully

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i want test series sir
sir please upload test series
hello sir sir i committed the mistakes which you told related to aptitude part and i have scored very less marks in gate exam(in apti not able to score more than 3 marks).now i am preparing for gate 2018 and i honestly say thanks from my bottom of my heart for your valuable guidence.if possible try to make more video related to gate aptitude.
come up with a test series,it will help us
sir please refer book for verbal ability and as you told to increase vocabulary so sir how can we increase our vocabulary??
  1. Course: Strategy for GATE Lesson 2: Approach for General Aptitude Presented by : Harshit Aggarwal

  2. About me Graduated from NIT Nagpur in 2008 . Cleared Indian Engineering Services (IES-UPSC) Exam . Got the offer letter from most of the Maharatna and Navratna Companies . Cleared GATE Exam . Course fee: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. Syllabus . English grammar, sentence completion, Verbal Ability verbal analogies, word groups critical reasoning and verbal deduction. . Numerical computation, Numerical Ability numerical estimation, numerical reasoning and data interpretation

  4. Paper Pattern 15 marks out 100 Total 10 questions : 5 questions (1 Mark ) and 5 questions (2 marks M, E,

  5. Verbal Ability English Grammar: finding the grammatically correct and incorrect sentences Sentence Completion: completing the sentence by choosing most appropriate word. Verbal Analogies: Identify the relationship between the given words Word Groups: synonyms and antonyms Critical Reasoning & Verbal Deduction: Understand and manipulate the information to solve a specific problem. Instructions: Answer the questions based only on the information that you are given.

  6. Numerical Ability (Important Topics) Speed-distance-time, Number series, summation, Logical Inference, cost-profit, Data Interpretation, Ages, Work (Days-workers), velocity, Modulo problems, clock problems, Directions, Clock problems, Distance-direction-east-west-north-south, Triangle problems, percentage, probability, tangent, Base/Radix Numbers General Info: Interpretation of Data Apply the logic to answer the question Extract the correct data from tables, chart and graphs Knowledge of simple basic principle of arithmetic

  7. TIPs and Books &Books: Quantitative Aptitude - RS Agrawal. For Verbal : GRE high frequency words &Practice questions on numerical ability (Daily 1 hr) for topics like Speed-dist-time, DI, Pra ieens on numerical ability (Daily 1 hr) for topics ike Speed dist time, DI, cost profit, ETC 15 questions x 30 days x 6 months = 2700 questions &One of the most scoring AND IMPORTANT section of gate exam There Increase your vocabulary on daily basis Read 4-5 short passages every month. Increase your speed in calculations and study basic concepts Keep in mind, don't leave the GA section for last is no substitute for hard work. , &Practice sample papers and previous papers

  8. Sample Questions (VERBAL ABILITY) Q: 1. Choose the word most similar in meaning to the given word: Options: (A) Inept (B) Graceful (C) Suitable (D) Dreadful Awkward Ans: A Q.2 Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following sentence? If the athlete had wanted to come first in the race, he If the athlete bad ar nours te ey da t in the race, he several hours every day. (A) Should practice (B) Should have practiced (C) Practised (D) Should be practicing ANS: B

  9. SAMPLE QUESTIONS (Numerical Ability) Q) Five teams have to compete in a league, with every team playing every other team exactly once, before going to the next round. How many matches will have to be held complete the league round of matches? (A) 20 (B) 10 (C) 8 (D) 5 Answer: (B) Solution: For a match to be played, 2 teams are needed Total No of matches = total no. of ways of selections 2 teams out of 5 :5C2 = 10