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Application of Biotechnology in Agricultural (in Hindi)
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This lesson deals about the application of Biotechnology in Agricultural in which educator discussed about the merits and demerits of methods employed for better yield.

Dr Alok Kumar Singh
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  1. BIOTECHNOLOGY ANDITS APPLICATION LECTURE-1 Biotechnological Application irn Agriculture

  2. Biotechnological Application in Agriculture There are three methods to improve food production 1. Agrochemical Based Agriculture 2. Organic Farming 3. Genetically Modified Crop Based Agriculture 1. Agrochemical Based Agriculture: The crop production tripled after the green revolution. It was because of high yielding varieties, better management and extensive use of agrochemicals Drawbacks - Better yielding varieties are possible only when the breeders are able to induce desired variation. Agrochemicals, which include fertilizer and pesticides, are quite expensive Agrochemicals are causing extensive pollution of soil water and food items. In conventional breeding only those characters are transferred that is present in parents and development takes longer time.

  3. Biotechnological Application in Agriculture 2. Organic Agriculture/Farming It uses manure, biofertilizers, biopesticides and biocontrols for enhancing crop production. Drawbacks It cannot increase crop yield to a significant level in little time. 3. Genetically Modified Crop Based Agriculture: Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been altered by manipulation of their genes instead of conventional breeding >The gene transferred to another organism through genetic engineering is called transgene. Crop which express one or more transgene are called genetically modified crop (GM crop). Advantage It takes less time to produce GM crop. Any gene from any organism can be excised and introduced into the crop as per requirement

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