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Anticholinergic Drugs
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Akshaya Ranade is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Akshaya Ranade
BAMS, MA Political Science with 4+ years of teaching experience; Appeared for UPSC mains 5 times and MPSC Mains twice.

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  1. Drugs acting on ANS By Dr. Akshaya

  2. Dual innervation of ANS Most organs receive both Sympathetic and Parasympathetic supply Exceptions: Only sympathetic: most BV, Sweat glands, hair follicles Only parasympathetic: Gastric and Pancreatic glands, ciliary muscles

  3. omati c ACh PGland 2. PM Sweat Gland arasympathetic: Ach Gland

  4. Adrenal Medulla Epinephrine TO Ach Circultion NarEpinaphie C2e1)

  5. Cholinergic receptors M1: ON SECRETORY GLANDS: salivation, acid secretion, lacrimation N: SKELETAL MUSCLE END PLATE: contraction N AUTONOMIC GANGLIA, ADRENAL MEDULLA: epinephrine secretiorn M2: HEART: HEART RATE M3: SMOOTH MUSCLES: contraction, bronchospasm, urination M3: PUPIL,CILIARY MUSCLES: miosis, aqueous humour flow

  6. Anticholinergic drugs Block the action of ACh on autonomic effector Nicotinic antagonist also block ACh but are called Ganglionic Blockers Prototype : ATROPINE ( selective for muscarinic receptor) Classification: 1. Natural : Atropine, Hyoscine(scopolamine) 2. Semisynthetic 3. Synthetic: Mydriatics, Antisecretory-antispasmodic, vasicoselective, antiparkinsonian

  7. Action Blocks all subtypes of M receptors 1. CNS: overall stimulant (hyoscine is depressant), anti motion sickness action (on vestibular excitation), suppresses tremor (basal ganglia), high dose causes cortical excitation 2. CVS tachycardia (blockade of M2 on SA node), not much effect on BP 3. EYE: mydriasis, abolition of light reflex and cycloplegia( hence photophobia and blurring of near vision) Smooth muscles : M3 block, reduced peristalsis, bronchodilation, bladder relaxation Glands: reduced sweat and saliva (M2 block), skin and eyes dryness, rise in body temperature 4. 5.

  8. Doses Atropin :0.6-2mg im, i.v, 1-2% topical in eyes Hyoscine: 0.3-0.5 mg oral, i.m, transdermal patch Combination of atropine + analgesic/antipyretic is banned in India