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Anglo-Sikh War(First & Second) (in Hindi)
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This is First Lesson of Modern Indian History Course. In This Lesson We Shall be Discussing All Three Carnatic Wars in a Very Detailed Manner. All the Important Facts Have been Discussed as per the Exam Point of View. This Course is Very Much Significant for Those who are Going to be Appeared in Upcoming U.P.P.C.S EXAM 2018. Please Do Enroll, Follow,Rate,Review and Recommend this course 🤗✌ Very Significant and Beneficial for all upcoming exams 👍 ➡️Follow here : **Correction- It was Chenab River on the Bank of Which the Final Battle of Gujrat was Fought Between British & Sikh.

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  2. FIRST ANGLO-SIKH WAR 1845-46 o This war was fought between British & Sikh during 1845-46 MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH(1801-1839 in punjab. Born in 1780 in Sukerchakia misl of the Sikh confederacies. sikh misl. (1834) and Multan(1818). a Become the 'Maharaja of Punjab' in 1801 after uniting 12 o Captured Lahore(1799,given by Zaman Shah), Peshawar Titel of Sher-i-Punjab' (Lion of Punjab).

  3. MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH REIGN Amritsar-Cultural Capital & Lahore-Political Capital. Shah Suja have given Koh-i-noor diamond to Ranjit Singh. After his death in 1839, succeeded by his eldest legitimate son Kharak Singh. Last king of Sikh - Duleep Singh (died in Paris in 1893)


  5. FIRST ANGLO-SIKH WAR 1845-46 In 1843, East India Company's agent Major Broad posted in Amritsar. In Dec 1845, Sikh forces crossed the Sutlej & became offensive against English. This war had taken place in 5 steps. War of Mudaki, War of Firozshah, War of Batowal, War of Aliwal &War of Suborao First Anglo-Sikh war had taken place and war ended with Treaty of Lahore in 1846.

  6. TREATY OF LAHORE 1846 Maharaja Duleep Singh was to remain the ruler of Punjab with his mother Jindan Kaur as regent. o Jallandhar Doab ceded to British by the Sikhs. Now they have to maintain limited number of Armies. They were asked to pay huge amount of war compensation. Kashmir, Hazarah & territories between the Beas and the Indus Rivers were given to the British. British Resident, Sir Henry Lawrence was appointed to the Sikh court

  7. SECOND ANGLO-SIKH WAR(1848-1849) Fought between 1848 and 1849 & led to the complete control of Punjab by the British. The main cause of this war was the humiliation caused by the first Anglo-Sikh war. The Sikh Empire had lost some territories to the British also. Maharani Jindan Kaur, who was sikh regent at that time was not treated properly & removed from Lahore on conspiracy charges against the British resident in Lahore On 20 Aug 1847 Maharani Jindan Kaur was sent to Shekhpura on 48000 per year pension. Dewan Mulraj of Multan resented the Lahore Court's and demand for increased tax assessment and revenues. Lahore at that time was capital of the Sikh Empire but controlled by the British resident since the first Anglo-Sikh war. Sir Frederick Currie(British Resident) undermined Mulra and imposed another governor Sardar Kahan Singh along with a British agent Patrick Vans Agnew. Vans Agnew and another officer, murdered by Mulrai's troops in 1848.

  8. During 2nd Anglo-Sikh War. Battle of Ramnagar(No result) and Chilianwala( In this battle Sikhs won under leadership of Sher Singh against British Commander Guff) o British forces under Charls Napier won the final battle at Gujrat (not present) in 1849. o Sikh were assisted by Afghan forces under Dost Mohammad Khan. a As per the Treaty of Lahore, Punjab was annexed by the British in March a Sir John Lawrence was appointed as the first Chief Commissioner of o Koh-i-noor diamond went into British hands & was acquired as part of the 1849 under Lord Dalhousie. Punjab. Treaty of Lahore after the second Anglo-Sikh war.

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