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Analytical Questions-3 (in Hindi)
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This lesson covers analytical Questions

Abhishek mittal
Star educator and verified educator | Organic chemistry matter expert | Motivator

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in 1st question, can use the following logic.... in option 1, the nitrogen to which H+ has been attached,has a lone pair participating in resonance. thus, it would not be easily available for donation. But in the rest cases, the lone pair is localised, and can be donated relatively easily??
Abhishek mittal
a year ago
yaa...its kkay
1st wala wow question,,,and bhaiya 2nd wale m aap hi ki tarah socha tha ,,,correct 😋
Abhishek mittal
a year ago
greatt job shivani...u r suprbbbb.... getting top position in organic chemistry
Nirmiti Sangle
a year ago
can 2nd question be solved using the concept of conjugate acid?
Abhishek mittal
a year ago
  1. Which of the following acid-base reaction is not feasible - (4) H,N-C NH

  2. While N'Can have 3n21 bond with +e Reaen 2 can frm 3 a bord 2 th e hich he donated

  3. The correct order of decreasing basic strength is NH 2 IV 3) II > IV > I > III

  4. NA No Reo 2, 3 moe han annil (leaut bonic) Sp1N more EN less banic ee mu course GOC-t Rerenance

  5. Hydrogen attached to sp3 carbon in cyclopentadiene can be easily removed as what:- (1) Hydride ion (2) Hydrogen molecule (3) Proton (4) Hydrogen atom

  6. Ht Sp3 Tt con be eo Averahc ramoved as pwton bio leod to esnonat'c sm