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American Pronounciation to Speak Modern English (in Hindi)
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In this video you will learn about the various accents. You'll be able to speak awesome pronunciations & make your English attractive enough to impress others.

Manoj Kumar Sharma
Director of PD CLASSES in Sgnr (Raj.). My Channel is PD CLASSES. I have done my MPhil in Eng. & MBA (Author of 3 books on Interview & Eng.)

Unacademy user
Ma'am you said if we apply force on solid it does not change shape and breaks....... But if we beat metal with hammer it changes its shape into thin sheet as it is malleable 🙂 #pleasereply
Sanvi Gupta
2 months ago
I think that is because metals cannot be compressed, i.e, cannot change their volume, they still uphold the characteristics of a solid.And unlike a liquid, pressure is applies to change the shape of a metal. Similar to the rubber band...
Sir your contact no and loc