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All Computer Abbreviations and Internet Network (in Hindi)
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Here we discuss about all computer abbreviations and internet network related terms

Navdeep Kaur is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Navdeep Kaur
JRF Awardee, NET qualified with over 7 years of teaching experience & Expert in NTA UGC NET JRF.

Unacademy user
Really helpful Ma’am. I was able to memorise maximum of the abbreviations. Thank you 🙏🏼
Hi.. Don't we have more videos on ICT subject of paper 1
Navdeep Kaur
2 years ago
visit my profile there is one more course on ICT and i am adding More videos in that on regular basis
Amrit singh
2 years ago
  1. All Computer Abbreviations, about Internet Networks Target JRF ICT I with MCQs (for CBSE UGC NET Paper 1) By Navdeep Kaur

  2. Contents Information and communication technology ICT 1 Data Representation, Conversion table 2 Types of data representation 3 Binary, Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal conversion 4 All Computer Abbreviations 5 MCQs Solving with tips & tricks

  3. AGP->Accelerated Graphic Port PC ->Personal Computer . EPROM ->Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory . BIOS ->Basic Input and Output System HDD->Hard Disk Drive PCI->Peripheral Component Interconnect UNIVAC ->Universal Automatic Computer GUI ->Graphic User Interface USB->Universal Serial Bus VGA->Visual Graphic Adaptor . MAN ->Metropolitan Area Network All Computer Abbreviations ASCII ->American Standard Code for Information Interchange WAN->Wide Area Network VPN ->Virtual Private Network | . SEO ->Search Engine Optimization . IP Internet Protocol

  4. EBCDIC ->Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code . LAN ->Local Area Network . EEPROM/EAPROM->Electrical Erasable/Alterable Programmable Read Only Memory CPU ->Central Processing Unit All Computer Abbreviations OS->Operating System . ALU ->Arithmetic and Logic Unit . DVD->Digital Versatile Disc .CD-> Compact Disk . ROM ->Read Only Memory . VDU ->Visual Display Unit RAM ->Random Access Memory ICT ->Information Communication Technology

  5. PROM ->Programmable Read Only Memory .URL->Universal Resource Locator IDE ->Integrated Drive Electronics . FORTRAN ->Formular Translator . MOS->Metaoxide Semi Conductor ATX ->Advanced Technology Extended . S All Computer Abbreviations IM->Subscriber Identification Module MHZ->Megahertz . ISP->Internet Service Provider . GHZ->Gigahertz DBMS->Database Management System SQL ->Structured Query Language . RW->Re-Writeable . SDT->Serial Data Transmission CAN ->Campus Area Network

  6. SIMMs ->Single In-line Memory Module . PAN ->Personal Area Network DIMMs ->Dual In-line Memory Module CMOS->Complimentary Metaoxide Semi Conductor ENIAC->Electronic Number Integrator And Calculator . CMD-> Command EDSAC ->Electronic Dialog Storage Automatic Computer . MAC->Media Acces Control IC->Integrated Circuit LSIC ->Large Scale Integrated Circuit DIR ->Directory -GIGO->Gabbage In Gabbage Out PHP ->PHP Hypertext Preprocessor .DOC->Document PDT->Parallel Data Transmission PDA ->Personal Digital Assistant All Computer Abbreviations

  7. USSD->Unstructured Supplementary Service Data . WWW->World Wide Web COBOL->Common Basic Oriented Language CCNP -Cisco Certified Network Professionals .BASIC->Beginner All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code CEH ->Certified Ethical Hacking TCP->Transmission Control Protocol . CSS-> Cascading Style Sheet CISCO ->Computer Information System Company .XXS ->Cross Site Scripting . XML ->Extensible Mark-up Language . HTML->Hypertext Markup Language CCNA->Cisco Certified Network Associate . RFI->Remote File Inclusion HTTP->Hypertext Transfer Protocol DDOS->Distribution Denial Of Service 3 All Computer Abbreviations

  8. Connecting to the Internet Network Based FTP This is a service called File Transport Protocol which moves a file between computers using the Internet. HTML HyperText Markup Language formats information so it can be transported on the Internet. HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a set of instructions for the software that controls the movement of files on the Internet. IP This stands for Internet Protocol which is the set of rules that govern the systems connected to the Internet. IP Address is a digital code specific to each computer that is hooked up to the Internet. ISP The Internet Service Provider is the company which provides Internet service so you can connect your computer to the Internet. LAN This stands for Local Area Network which is the servers that your computer connects to in your geographic area.

  9. PPP Point-to-Point Protocol is the set of rules that allow your computer to use the Internet protocols using a phone line and modem. URL This is the Uniform Resource Locator which is a path to a certain file on the World Wide Web. USB The Universal Serial Bus is used for communications between certain devices. It can connect keyboards, cameras, printers, mice, flash drives, and other devices. Its use has expanded from personal computers to PDAs, smartphones, and video games, and is used as a power cord to connect devices to a wall outlet to charge them. VR - Virtual Reality simulates a three-dimensional scene on the computer and has the capability of interaction. This is widely used in gaming VRML-Virtual Reality Markup Language allows the display of #D Images.

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