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Algebra PYQ Overview
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Overview of algebra previous year question course

Bharat Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bharat Gupta
Engineer by degree Mathematician by Heart. Having 22 years of teaching experience. Visit my youtube channel BHARAT GUPTA-RADIX .

Unacademy user
statement--A few towns are cities only cities are villages no city is cool conclusion--1) no village is cool 2) only villages being cool is a possibility i found both the statements correct.....i hve doubt in 2 conclusion i converted it --all cool being villages is a possibility.(as per ur rules) then i follow dis conclusion........m i right?????? becoz according to answer only 1 follows plz rectify me where m worg....
Hello sir, you said there will be 102 questions. please upload the remaining questions. Thanks a lot sir. Your teaching is very helpful
Bharat Gupta
a year ago
uploading asap
Suraj Pratap
a year ago
thanks a lot sir
sir i wanted to enroll in you September 1 cat course but i missed it Pls help Email
sir please also try to make course for geometry. ur courses are so helpful
Hello sir. Can u please PYQ videos on work Time Speed Distance.
Bharat Gupta
a year ago
it is there in arithmatic pyq
Thanks sir your way of teaching is glorious
  1. Algebra Previous year questions

  2. Algebra Parts of Algebra V Linear equation Polynomial Logarithm Sequence, series and progression Quadratic equation V Inequation and inequality

  3. Previous year question from 1993 - 2017 Number of questions : 102

  4. Process to learn through recorded video. 1. Read and write particular question. 2. Never watch its video solution first. 3. Solve the question. 4. Try to put as many effort as possible to get to the answer 5. Once you are done with all possibility. 6. Now watch its video solution. 7. Check your approach and my approach. 8. If you find new thing than note it and move further.

  5. Keep Watching Keep Sharing All the best !!!