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Advanced Exponential Limits (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we have discussed some important concepts and formula of advance exponential limits.

Ashish Bajpai is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashish Bajpai
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use picture benefits sr continue
can you suggest me a teacher like you for physics.plzz sir
Ashish Bajpai
6 months ago
How about Kailash Sharma Sir ?
sir I have need NDA questions
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
if you can cover part 1 and part 2 of Limits course then you will be good for NDA Exam
sir how will study for NDA competition please sir suggest me
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
Go through NDA Syllabus and based on syllabus you should go through lessons in Unacademy whether its Physics , Chemistry Social Science or Maths. Maths has high weightage and will suggest to study as per JEE level to increase your score. Syllabus is the key . Take many printouts of syllabus and study according to syllabus.
thanks sir
  1. In L Jin -In (14*) =

  2. Vas 2 s e

  3. Realt hen m e 2la)

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