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Adjectives practice : lesson 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson gives you an introduction to this session and also covers a few practice questions....

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

Unacademy user
Thanks sir...topic target series bht helpful prove ho rhi h
  1. ADJECTIVES A practice session on spotting the errors Presented by SIDHANT SHARMA


  3. .a)/ A holiday by b)/ the sea is good c)/ than a holiday d)/ in the mountains. e)/ No error

  4. a)/ The technician reminded b)/ them to have a thoroughly c)/ cleaning of the d)/ machine after each use. e)/ No error

  5. a)/ The driver tried his best b)/ to avert the accident by c)/ bringing the car d)/ to a suddenly stop. e)/ No error

  6. a)/ Raghav did not care b)/ so many about b)/ anything else as much c)/ as he cared d)/ for his dog. e)/ No error

  7. a)/ He walked as faster b)/ as he could so that (c/ he would not (d/ miss the train to work. e)/ No error

  8. a)/ My observation is that b)/ between Vivek and Shashi, c)/ Vivek is d)/ the most intelligent. e)/ No error

  9. .a)/ Veena wants to b)/ become a surgeon c)/ and works very hardly d)/ to achieve this. e)/ No error

  10. Difference between hard and hardI Hard is same in case of adjective or adverb Hardly is an adverb which means almost negligible. He hit the ball hard. I was hardly prepared for my exam

  11. .a)/ From all accounts b)/ I learn that he is the best c)/ and honest member d)/ of the new Cabinet. d)/ No error

  12. a)/ The flood situation this year b)/ is worst than c)/ that prevailed d)/ in the last year. e)/ No error

  13. He wanted (A) certain boy (B)/ to make entry into (C) / the Principal's chamber (D) No Error (E)

  14. These sort of men (A)/ attain worldly success by hook or by crook (B) so they deserve to (C) / be looked down upon (D) / No Error (E)

  15. In spite of facing (A)/ much problems, he did not (B) /desert the path (C)/of honesty (D) / No Error (E)

  16. Whole the chapter (A) of the book is full of printing (B)/ errors which are the outcome (C) /of the proof reader's carelessness (D)/ No Error (E)

  17. He did not (A)/ like to lend me (B) / some book (C) or any money (D)/ No Error (E)

  18. Opinion: pretty, horrible, lovely Size: huge, tiny, big, little Age: old, young, new Shape: round, square, triangular Colour: black, red, Colour: black, red, yellovw Origin: British, Chinese, French Material: woollen, wooden, silk Purpose: writing (paper), school (shoes)

  19. It is a fact that (A) Mahatma Gandhi was (B) / the first politician (C) / of his time (D) / No Error (E)

  20. This book is (A)/ undoubtedly preferable than (B) that in many respects and its printing (C) / is also comparatively good (D) / No Error (E)

  21. -of the two (A) / players, he (B) / is the luckiest, (C) / be sure (D) No Error (E)

  22. *You can trust (A) / this agency (B) / for the last news (C)/ of this week (D) No Error (E)

  23. Rita can sing (A) much than fifty songs ata (B) / Stretch and she has developed (C) / this ability by laboring hard (D) No Error (E)

  24. She has a remarkably (A) / lovingly appearance (B) which brings her honour (C) / and admiration as well (D) / No Error (E)

  25. Gold is the more precious (A) / of all the metals (B) / that are used in ornaments (C) / as far as we all know (D) / No Error (E)

  26. He is a most (A) successful man (B) / in the world (C) / I have ever known (D) / No Error (E)

  27. No less (A)/ than fifty persons are sitting (B) in the hall and waiting for their (C) / beloved artiste's appearance on the state (D) / No Error (E)

  28. Now-a-days (A) / the weather (B) / is getting cold and (C) / colder (D) / No Error (E)

  29. He often tells (A)/us that he does not (B) / like anything more than (C) sleeping peacefully (D) / No Error (E)

  30. None can (A) / believe that (B) / Ramesh is happier (C) / than grieved to know (D) No Error (E)

  31. This is the (A) more difficult sum (B) / I have ever solved (C) within five minutes (D) No Error (E)

  32. He failed to find (A) out the solution to all the problems (B) / despite his thoroughly (C) study of the book (D) / No Error (E)

  33. Ramesh is as good (A) / if not better than all the (B) members of the club (C) which is known as the Lions Club (D) No Error (E)

  34. He felt happily (A)/ to learn that his (B)/ younger brother had got (C) a prestigious job in the Bank (D)/ No Error (E)

  35. The Principal has great power (A) / of making some useful (B) plans but the professors (C) have even greatest ability to foil them (D) / No Error (E)

  36. But for your help (A) No boys would have (B) Succeeded in an (C) All India competition like this (D) / No Error (E)

  37. Her father told her (A) / that it would be all the more (B) / better if she would find her (C) /groom herself (D)/ No Error (E)