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Adjectives - Error Spotting - Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Vijendra Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

Unacademy user
how can we add a image question to ask ?
I attempted 8/10 correctly except 5,6.
thanks a lot sir. very nice.
sir in 6 this sentence we can use adjective priceless ..and also fits into the sentence with meaning....
Sir please ek jagah video dilo na bhut dikat ho rhi he Sanctum badhiya he na
Vijendra Singh
a year ago
are thoda cooperate karo..this platform has more reach than ours
OK sir no problem.... Thanku so much ur so greate sir
OK sir no problem.... Thanku so much ur so greate sir
Sir mujhe adverb or adjective me different smjh nhi aata... Plz ek class is pr bi le lijiyega.... Thank you sir
Vijendra Singh
a year ago
sure...I'll post news courses about basics of keep'll get what you need.
Neha Seth
a year ago
thank u sir🙏🙏🙏
  1. 81 Error Spotting - Adjectives Vijendra

  2. 1. As sooner as (a)/ you reach the port (b)/ report to (c)/ the desk officer. (d)/ No error 2. This book is (a)/ designed to increase (b)/ the working knowledge of (c)/ speak and written English. (d) / No error 3. Tendulkar is the best (a)/ of all other batsmen of (b)/ the world because he plays (c)/ consistently most of the time. (d)/ No error 4. Neha is (a)/ good and more (b)/ beautiful than (c)/ Juhi. (d) No error

  3. 5. Rakesh is getting (a)/ fat because he (b)/ does not take (c)/ any exercise at all. (d)/ No error 6. He has in (a)/ his possession a (b)/ price collection of very old coins (c)/ and some ancient paintings. (d) / No error. (e) 7 All mnew icences may lal/ be collected from (bi/ the cashier's counter after (c)/ paying the fees. (d) / No error 8. Sadhna's performance in the (a)/ drama was best than (b)/ Sunita's but not (c)/ as good as Nikita's. (d)/ No error

  4. 9. In our areas (a)/ the journey by bus (b)/ is quick and safe than (c)/ by train. (d)/ No error 10. All said and done (a/ it is the basic values that (b)/ are most importance and (c)/ help you in the long run. (d)/ No error (e)/ 11. As compared with (a)/ last year the production (b)/ of this factory (c)/ is not satisfactory. (d) / No error 12. In the meeting (a)/ held last month (b)/ all other members were present (c)/ except Rakesh. (d)/ No error (e)

  5. 13. We have been trying (a)/ to eradicate poverty (b)/ but our efforts have got (c)/ only limit success. (d)/ No error (e) 14. He is so lazy (a)/ that he takes a (b)/ large number of time (c)/ to complete such a small piece of work. (d)/ No error 15. No station on (a)/ this sector of the railway (b)/ is as modern and clean (c)/ as this station is. (d)/ No error (e) 16. He reached home (a)/ leaving aside all other work (b)/ but his father had (c)/ left the home few minutes earlier. (d)/ No error

  6. 17. After he had read the two first chapters (a)/ of the novel (b)/ he felt like reading (c)/ the novel at one sitting. (d)/ No error 18. Although he is my bosom friend, (a)/ I cannot ask him for (b)/ money without any (c)/ vividly reason. (d)/ No error 19. Our new playground (a)/ is big (b)/ and cleaner (c)/ than theirs. (d)/ No error 20. Enough is enough (a)/ I cannot now (b)/ tolerate this mischief (c)/ any much. (d)/ No error

  7. 21. When it comes to comparison (a/ between the two, (b)/ quality is most (c)/ important than quantity. (d)/ No error 22. The girl sang (a)/ few songs (b)/ to entertain the guests (c)/ but the guests were not pleased. (d)/ No error 23. No book is (a)/ as absorbing as (b)/ the novel I am reading (c)/ written by Premchand. (d)/ No error. 24. Of all the teachers (a)/ in our school, (b)/ our history teacher (c)/ is the better. (d)/ No error

  8. 25. During holidays (a)/ I like (b)/ visiting friends (c)/ than staying indoors. (d)/ No error 26. Children (a)/ should be (b)/ taught to be (c)/ kindly towards animals. (d) / No error 27. Both Basant and Sumit are (a)/ excellent workers (b)/ but the latter is best (c)/ than the former. (d) / No error 28. He realised that (a)/ he had committed a mistake (b)/ in accepting a packet (c)/ from an unidentify person. (d)/ No error

  9. 29. India is no way (a)/ inferior than the (b)/ U.S.A. (c)/ in the fertility of soil. (d)/ No error 30. No book gives (a)/ the description of human anatomy (b)/ in so much detail (c)/ as this book. (d) No error 31. No method of making (a)/ other people agree to (b)/ your viewpoint is (c)/ as effective as this method. (d)/ No error (e) 32. The pirated (a)/ technology has not only created (b)/ strategic dangers but also damaged (c)/ economy interests. (d)/ No error

  10. 33. I like to drink coffee (a)/ but he prefers (b)/ tea than coffee. (c)/ No error (d) 34. Some of the more best (a)/ preserved pre-Columbian chiffs (b) dwelling in the United States (c)/ are located in MesaVerde national park in Colorade. (d)/ No error 35. Louis Armstrong was (a)/ one of the most influence (b)/ and believed (c)/ of all jazz artists. (d)/ No error 36. A playwright must characterize (a)/ mainly through action and speech (b)/ but a novelist may use (c)/ a great number of techniques. (d)/ No error

  11. n/ consider wealth (b), superior than wisdom. (c)/ No error (d) 42. We never thought (a)/ the Ansuman is (b)/ oldest than the other (c)/players in the team. (d)/ No error 43. The technician reminded (a)/ them to have a (b)/ thoroughly cleaning of the (c)/ machine after each use. (d)/ No error (e) 44. I always prefer (a)/ working in a (b)/ released atmosphere than one (c)/ full of tension and anxiety. (d)/ No error (e)

  12. 57. He is (a)/ as good (b)/ if not better (c)/ than his brother. (d)/ No error. 58. He is sorry because (a)/ his all books (b)/ are lost. (c)/ No error (d) 59. More than three times (a)/ as many people came (b)/ than has been expected. (c)/ No error 60. Who do you think (a) will be able to (b)/ do this job (c)/ in a very decently manner? (d)/ No error

  13. 65. Poetry is the language of the imagination (a)/ and the passions it relates to (b)/ whatever gives immediately pleasure (c)/ or pain to the human mind. (d)/ No error 66. Prashant who was (a)/ junior in most (b)/ of the students in the college (c)/ had been reprimanded. (d)/ No error (e) 67. Staying indoors is (a)/ more preferable than (b)/ going out on (c)/ a summer day. (d)/ No error 68. Every one of us (a)/ knows that given (b)/ an option he prefers (c)/ cold drink than coffee. (d)/ No error.

  14. 69. I do not know (a)/ why most people feel (b)/ depress and dejected (c)/ even with the slightest provocation. (d)/ No error 70. We were happy that (a)/ the audience responded well (b)/ and gave all the speakers (c)/ a patience listening. (d)/ No error (b)/ than to withdraw your form. (c)/ No error 72. Their violently quarrel (a)/ over pay and allowances (b)/ was the main reason (c)/ of his resignation. (d)/ No error (e)

  15. 73. The hotel is (a)/ as good if not better (b)/ than the one (c)/ last year. (d)/ No error 74. It is high time (a)/ he stood on his own (b)/ two legs. (c)/ No error (d) 75. What you (a)/ said is (b)/ mpertinenting to (c)/ the occasion. (d)/ No error 76. The boy who was guilt for (a)/ having broken the window glass (b)/ came out (c)/ with the truth. (d) / No error (e)