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Actual CAT Questions Practice - Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson is part 1 of the series of lectures that contains actual CAT questions on Number Systems. The best way to tame the CAT is through the actual questions that appeared in the question paper . Boost up the confidence through the smart approaches discussed in this series. Enjoy!😊

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Akash Singh
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  3. Actual CAT Question Series Number Systems unacademy

  4. ACTUAL CAT QUESTION SERIESNMBER SYSTEM al: what is-He suauest nuwuber, uchi ch 'ola en Increased by is Cauuplehet clivisible by 8, and 24 a. 264 2C26 Nowe t these G2 ehich is the Least nusuber that wuust be sueb traeked trom 1966, s Huak tueSuemainder when divided by 12 and 16 us Leart the sauve Yen ai nder, 4 (c) 140 (d) 1 2 a 3 b 136

  5. 63 T wo positive iwa9ers olitte Hoe 4 and sum ot ther enir ocaes is (o we O b. 1c. sd2I

  6. SOLUTIONS Tue least numbe when neve sed b ts is Comp leelt dit b , 24 LcM (, 11, 245 : 264-6( Hony. 2645 op Jote Do udt oork options

  7. 2- The least no. that must be sukem 1856 So dieided b , 12 and 16 saeh So 336n+4 set ot all such no 's 1680+4= 1684 656-1684 172 OPHon d

  8. 34 O Ptio n option a. 3 2-1 2 2-1 2. 2 te +2% 0

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