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Abbreviations - 1
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explanations of abbreviations ftom letter A to C

Priti Shailesh Singh
10yrs of teaching exp, 2 yrs of corporate exp

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  1. DUSK EARTh SCIENTISTS Priti Singh SPACE DRUGS 7 years of teaching 2 years of corporate Teach Computer Applications and Mathematics Well acquainted with Databases and Software Development concepts STUDY ELESCOPE SURGERY DEW IMPROV PROJECT RESEARCh MAP VIRTUaL

  2. COMIPUTER ABBREVIATION ABI-Application Binary Interface ) ABR-Available Bit Rate O ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line O ADC- Analog to Digital Converter o AI - Artificial Intelligence ALGOL-Algorithmic Language o ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit o ANSI - American National Standards Institute

  3. API-Application Programming Interface O ARP - Address Resolution Protocol o APRANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency Network o ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange o ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode o AUI - Attachment Unit Interface O AVI - Audio Video Interleave

  4. BASIC- Beginner's All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code o BCC - Blind Carbon Copy BCD-Binary Coded Decimal OBER Bit Error Rate o BHTML- Broadcast Hyer Text Markup Language o BINAC- Binary Automatic Computer o BIOS - Basic Input Output System BIU-Bus Interface Unit o BMP Bitmap o BPS Bits Per Seconds

  5. CAD-Computer Aided Design O CADD - Computer Aided Drafting and Design CAE - Computer Aided Engineering O CAI Computer Aided Instruction o CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing O CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering o CAQ Computer Aided Quality Assurance O CCNA - CISCO Certified Netwrok Associate CD - Compact Disc o CDRW - Compact Disc ReWritable o CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access

  6. o CDROM - Compact Disc Read Only Memory o CGI Common Gateway Interface CISC-Complex Instruction Set Computer o CLR - Common Language Runtime CMOS-Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor O COBOL- Common Business Oriented Language CPI-Clock Cycle Per Instruction o CPU Central Processing Unit o CRM - Customer Relationship Management o CRT - Cathode Ray Tube CUI - Character User Interface