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A-Z Preparation- Law as an Optional
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This lesson shall help viewers have a brief understanding of how we shall go about with law subjects as an optional in UPSC CSE in the subsequent lessons.

Adv Aarzoo Agarwal
A practicing advocate and a judicial service aspirant. Debator, legal counsellor and your unacademy mentor. Loves to read, teach and travel.

Unacademy user
Ma'am you are from siliguri.
how difficult will it be to take law as an optional for a non law graduate ? Please give your valuable suggestion so that I can decide accordingly.
Hi roshan
Before I can suggest you regarding your query kindly let me know what is the subject of your graduation
a year ago
Thanku so much for replying... .I have done Btech , working in IT sector for last 5.5 years. Thought of Civil services now when I am left with only 3 attempt. so in order to figure out an optional subject , I have shortlisted 3-4 subjects and found "Law" very very interesting.
a year ago
but I amn't sure whether LAW has enough guidance , test series , book available ? will it possible to finish it in 4-5 months of hard work? does the answer writing skill ( as far as UPSC is concerned) has to be like a lawyer ? Challenges that a non law graduate can face in order to clear the exam ?
Law is indeed very interesting. And the best part is that law is pervasive in every topic of the upsc syllabus. Although there aren't as many sources like for public administration or geography but the resources available are enough for the purpose of this exam.
4-5 months of study shall make it possible provided you are diligent and persistent enough. UPSC does not expect your answer writing skills to be like a lawyer. In fact a non law student has the advantage of a much clearer and receptive mind.
I would advise you to go by the syllabus multiple times. The topics are not hard-core law subjects like Civil procedure and criminal procedure code but Constitutional law, torts, contract, indian penal code etc which are relatively much easier and more interesting. Go through the previous year papers as well to get an idea of the pattern and see if you feel determined enough to work on it. If the answer is yes, I am sure you will sail through.
a year ago
I will definitely follow what you have advised, I searched ebooks for whatever resources you suggested in the video but couldn't find them, I just want to go through either of them (like IPC by K D gaur) before I finally decide to opt for LAW. Please share download links (if you have any) for the resources.
If u have started polity, u would know more or less about the constitution. You can checkout the bare act of ipc/contract online, then maybe borrow any good book from a law student and go through it. Remember that not all of it is in the syllabus. only selected portions.
a year ago
paper I is understandable because of huge relevance with Polity. unfortunately I dont have any friend from LAW background but I can search on internet for bare acts of IPC. Thanks
Don't worry about paper II. it's lot easier than paper I . Trust me☺
a year ago
Thanku for your valuable suggestions.
Dear mam, I am currently pursuing BA.LLB(Hons) and I’m currently in my 4th year, I’ve a desire to go for UPSC, I thought of choosing law as an optional paper, but I heard it is quite difficult?.. please clear my doubts!!
Hi Nishant, Your love for anything determines whether it will be easy or tough for you. Since you are already acquainted with the basics of law being in your fourth year, you must have realized that unlike the llb syllabus upsc has given a very limited number of topics and subjects to prepare, most of which you will find overlapping or related to gs papers in some or the other way. I would suggest you to go through the syllabus thoroughly, start going through the standard sources, PYQs and then decide according to the interest you develop in the subjects. If you love the course you are pursuing, go for it.
are you sure this much is enough for law as optional
Grt platform for all those who have planned to take Law as an optional subject for any exams..It seems clearing conceptualization on laws and legislation will not be tiresome like earlier.. .Therefore it is very helpful to Good work..Keep it up

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