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9th lesson of Preposition
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9th lesson of Preposition.

Akhilesh kumar
Last qualification - MBA. 2 years as Corporate Trainer.....15 years teaching experience in the field of Grammar and Communication

Unacademy user
. . . me nanny is gmm ki
Sir your teaching way is fantastic I have no doubts in preposition now
Akhilesh kumar
2 years ago
its my pleasure
nice learning method
Akhilesh kumar
2 years ago
thanx alot mam
  1. Preposition BY Akhilesh.Sir Follow akhilnavya 1985-3069

  2. iv) y and ith Exp:- 1) Homlet was aten by Shakes peoTe 2) The Tai Moha a bui by Shahehon 3) He wasbtaten by his teacher . was

  3. Exp He as beaten sith a Cane Loith our eves

  4. 4) Roads ave ightedbu elech 2. That howe as d destroyed by e

  5. Exp:- hire a toi scootes by the hour. 2. We pay agh da 3. We buy by the dozen we buy petrol by the tre. S> This houe 20 ft by S P

  6. 1 9caught imby the neck 2. 9 eized mby the hair 4. 9t i e bymy uth

  7. 9 Jwear by Clod enb thiee Joals to one

  8. In and Into In, 4- He lives in a viage I n India 2:-He 61 Hing n on easy chair. [but, STHing On a chais with out Orm,) 3-She is lying n bed but siting on the btd

  9. 1) He wiu come backn an hour n q week ewenun Come in the monur

  10. I V 7He fs in good heatth.

  11. Into ( He come Tntothe house garden . The Tun has changed into Snow 2. Trans lase this pauae